Riverside Church Fire – The Importance of Anti-Fire Measures

Riverside County Church Fire

A massive flare-up in Riverside County resulted in the destruction of a local county church, as noted in an article published May 1st on CBS Los Angeles. The article explains that it took a crew of approximately 45 firefighters two hours to fully extinguish the blaze at the 5,000 square foot church. Additionally, no injuries were reported and investigations are underway to discover the cause of the fire.

While many building owners tend to invest in comprehensive insurance plans to protect their structures in the event of an incident such as this one, according to George Saadian, lead engineer at Los Angeles based Fire Protection Group Inc., the most critical aspects of a building that enhance protection are often overlooked. Mr. Saadian explains that business and organizations with tight finances might be intimidated by the costs of installing and maintaining a fire alarm and prevention system, and he notes that that those who cut corners on fire protection, especially in hot and dry climates such as Southern California, may be at risk of losing everything if they fail to take proper steps.

Sprinkler System

Commenting on a recent article, the Los Angeles fire safety consulting agency explains that the thoughtful use of specialized fire protection equipment, such as fire sprinklers and pumps, may lead to a reduction in damage or even prevention of fires.

Fire Protection Group Inc. notes that, time and again fires have caused thousands of dollars of damage when they could have otherwise been prevented or at least somewhat subdued. The firm adds that the old adage, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ rings true in these situations, because the installation of fire systems can also reduce insurance costs for the building in question as well as preventing enormous potential losses in the event of a large fire. According to Fire Protection Group Inc., some of the most important precautions owners and managers can take include:

Installing Fire Sprinklers – According to experts like Captain Bob Holloway, retired Los Angeles Fire Department fire fighter and a key member of Fire Protection Inc.’s team, a well-designed and installed fire sprinkler system can be instrumental in preventing the spread of a flare-up throughout a building. Whether they’re installed in factories, offices, or even churches, fire sprinklers are a highly reliable fire protection system that can even lead to reduced building insurance costs.

Fire Protection Group Inc.Scheduling Routine Inspections – While having fire protection systems installed in the first place is a good first step, Fire Protection Group Inc. notes that it is equally important that businesses schedule routine inspections to make sure that these systems are in good condition and will function properly when necessary. Of course, because the absolute worst time to realize that a system isn’t working properly is after a fire has already broken out, Fire Protection Group notes the importance of routine system check-ups.

Mr. Saadian and the rest of the Fire Protection Group Inc. team conclude by adding that they are committed to spreading the message of fire safety and prevention. For more information about how residential property owners or businesses can take steps to protect their property from the potential outbreak of a fire, call Fire Protection Group Inc. today at (888) 251-3488 or visit their web site online at http://www.firesprinkler.com/.