AMA & DJI to Host UAS4PublicSafety Flight Training (Multi-Video)

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and DJI, in collaboration with Fly-Robotics, will host an introductory small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) course, called UAS4PublicSafety, open to public safety officials from June 21 to 25 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

UAS, also known drones, have quickly become a valuable tool for firefighters, police officers, search-and rescue-crews and other emergency responders, with at least 59 lives saved thanks to drones already, according to a recent report from DJI.

Drones provide an aerial perspective on emergencies that was previously expensive, dangerous or simply impossible to obtain, and public safety agencies have expressed a clear need for more guidance and training to begin putting this new technology to work.

(Learn More about sUAS Flight Training for Public Safety Officials, courtesy of the AMA and YouTube)

The course will provide public safety professionals the opportunity for a hands-on training experience that includes flight skills training and orientation management.

The training will culminate in a series of flights that allow participants to apply their skills in simulated public safety missions such as search-and-rescue and firefighting operations. 

All courses will offer three levels of training: Introductory, Advanced, and Instructor.

Those who complete the highest level, Instructor, will be eligible to train their departments as well. AMA and its partners plan to expand the UAS4PublicSafety program to include up to 20 courses in cities throughout the country in 2018. 

DJI is the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, and the AMA represents approximately 200,000 model aircraft and drone hobbyists.

(When it comes to search and rescue missions, time is scarce and mistakes cannot be afforded. Learn More courtesy of DJI and YouTube)

Fly-Robotics’ team of instructors is comprised of UAS subject matter experts and public safety officials. AMA and DJI’s partnership on UAS4PublicSafety is the result of continued efforts by both institutions to promote safe and responsible flying.   


AMA will also be promoting the course at the FDIC International taking place in Indianapolis from April 24 to 29. To learn more, visit the AMA booth #9250 at FDIC.

Fly Robotics is a veteran-owned company focused on providing sUAS educational solutions.

Fly Robotics’ flying experience includes more than 10,000 Department of Defense certified UAV hours and 50-plus years of fixed-wing, rotary wing, and multirotor platforms flown in the military, FAA 107 Certified Instructors, and competitive model aviation including multiple AMA National Championships.

The Fly Robotics team consists of unmanned systems subject matter experts and has been instrumental in the development of multiple standards for unmanned systems such as flight controls, ground control stations, ground based sense-and avoid-systems, and communication gear.

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