Ameristar Perimeter New Pre-hung Gates Coming in 2017 (Learn More)

Ameristar Perimeter will be expanding their product lines to include all new Pre-hung Gates beginning in the first quarter of 2017.

Ameristar Pre-hung Gates

Ameristar pre-hung gates come pre-assembled for full functionality after set.

Having gates pre-hung & hardware pre-installed saves on installation time.

Exciting Features

  • Meets IBC & ADA codes
  • Selectable hardware options
  • Optional infill materials
  • Standard Panic & Kick Plates
  • Removable Threshold
  • Match Ameristar Fence Styles

(Learn More. Courtesy of Ameristar Perimeter and YouTube)

Ameristar is the largest ornamental security fence manufacturer in the world.

In addition to security fence, Ameristar also offers a full line of perimeter security products, which includes gate systems, anti-ram fences, active vehicle barriers, security bollards and guard booths.

Ameristar Perimeter

Ameristar continually sets the industry standard for manufacturing high quality and innovative products. Our demonstrated commitment to upholding higher values translates into superior products that go far beyond merely meeting minimum industry standards.


Ameristar’s reputation for superior customer service starts with its team of architectural specialist and market developers who work closely with design firms to ensure each project meets the customer’s expectation for security, safety and success.