Angel Armor Adv Vehicle Armor for Dallas Police Dept (See Live Fire)

Angel Armor is partnering with Dallas City Hall to upfit the Dallas Police Department with Angel Armor’s vehicle armor.

This concealed ballistic protection optimizes coverage area and is the most advanced solution on the market.

“Angel Armor is honored to be the preferred provider of premium ballistic protection for a multitude of agencies across the U.S., and that honor is now elevated with Dallas PD,” Josh Richardson, co-Founder of Angel Armor said.

Angel Armor

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Angel Armor has provided innovative vehicle armor to over 40 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and has seen year-over-year growth exceeding 200% for the past two years.

“Officer safety is our number one priority, and we consider it a privilege to protect officers with revolutionary armor that stands up to the threats they face every day,” Richardson said.

Dedicated to defending life from threat, Angel Armor™ is a premier provider of advanced ballistic armor solutions.

Angel ArmorWith innovative and proprietary products, manufactured in the U.S., Angel Armor has developed a suite of globally recognized, tested and approved ballistic armor technologies.

Angel Armor’s product lines range from vehicles to personal armor and feature a variety of threat levels.

With these solutions, Angel Armor elevates Protection at a Higher Level™ with uncompromising and unparalleled protection worthy of those we serve.

(See for yourself how Angel Armor’s Avail Ballistic Door Panels and Enlight Window Armor hold up against more than 70 rounds. Courtesy of Angel Armor and Vimeo)

(Witness Enlight Window Armor being put to the test against multiple ballistic threats. Courtesy of Angel Armor and Vimeo)

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