Animated Video of Hurricane Matthew, from StormGeo

StormGeo’s forecast advisory indicates that Hurricane Matthew will intensify significantly today. Wind speeds could reach 125 miles per hour (MPH) when it moves over the Bahamas.

Meteorologist Derek Ortt at the StormGeo Weather Center in Houston forecasts Hurricane Matthew to strike near Palm Beach, Florida early Friday morning with 145 MPH winds, becoming a Category 4 hurricane.

This is significantly stronger than Hurricane Jeanne 12 years ago. Hurricane Matthew is predicted to continue moving up the U.S. coast with gradually reduced intensity.

Animated video showing the storm track and rainfall. (Courtesy of StormGeo)

StormGeo predicts severe damage in the Bahamas with power outages.

In the U.S., StormGeo predicts severe to catastrophic structural damage is possible for coastal areas.

Widespread damage to the power grid could result in power outages lasting for weeks in the worst affected regions. Many areas will be exposed to flooding due to heavy rainfall. The flooding could extend into eastern North Carolina.

StormGeo is one of the world’s largest commercial weather service providers with 25 global offices.

StormGeo utilizes U.S. National Hurricane Center and European models in its forecasts. Martin Gronnevet, chief meteorologist at StormGeo adds, “It is a very busy time in the company’s U.S. forecasting centers in Houston, New York and San Francisco.

Our customers must take action now based on the advice provided by our forecast experts.


StormGeo is one of the world’s largest commercial weather forecasting service providers with 25 global offices delivering advanced solutions to its customer base 24/7/365 in Shipping, Offshore, Renewable Energy, Media, Corporate Enterprise and Aviation.