Arctic 25 Survival Suit Demo to ‘Wow’ at Seatrade Cruise Global (Video)

White Glacier, designs and manufactures the most sophisticated hypothermia protective immersion suit on the market, is exhibiting at the 2017 Seatrade Cruise Global, March 14-16, at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale.

“We are thrilled to showcase the Arctic 25 as officially certified by the USCG, Transport Canada and MED, and announce our newest distributor partnership with the Fassmer Company.”

“We hope these acclaimed credentials provide peace of mind and even more confidence in the abilities of our suit and customer service,” says Diego Jacobson, CEO of White Glacier.

The patented technology behind the design of the Arctic 25 makes it unlike any other survival suit on the market.

It has been tested and verified to withstand over 25 hours of frigid exposure to water temperatures of 0°, outlasting the current standard of six hours.

(When wearing the Arctic 25, users have a full range of motion to swim and call for help. But don’t take our word for it, check out the White Glacier safety tester. Courtesy of White Glacier and YouTube)

This is due to the incredible buoyancy (97 lbs.), which floats a castaway ABOVE the water and an insulating layer, which offers a CLO value of 4.6.

The comfortable and warm cabin allows full use of the hands to eat, drink, perform first aid and sleep.

This is important for complying with the Polar Code as it’s now required that all passengers and crew be issued adequate thermal protection for a minimum of 5 days.

It’s only adequate if it works.

A recent search and rescue simulation in the Arctic has shown a gap between previously available technology and the Polar code requirements.

To continue their efforts of protecting victims from harsh conditions at sea, White Glacier entered into a distribution agreement with The Fassmer Company, a fifth-generation family-owned company headquartered in Germany specializing in shipbuilding, lifeboats, deck equipment, wind power, composite technology and after-sales service.

“The choice to partner with Fassmer was an easy one for White Glacier as Fassmer has a worldwide presence and over 150 years experience in the business of marine life-saving solutions,” continued Jacobson.

(The Arctic 25 hypothermia protective suit can be fully donned within 1 minute and partially donned in under 15 seconds and completed once in the water. Courtesy of White Glacier and YouTube)

Fassmer will market and sell the Arctic 25 and handle the Post Sales Service through their 50 service centers worldwide.

White Glacier

White Glacier’s exhibit at Seatrade Cruise Global will feature a person wearing the Arctic 25 inside a 1,000-gallon ice water tank for 10 hours each day of the show.

Located on the third floor, booth #3007 is open for visitors and media personnel to try on the suit and float in the ice tank.

White Glacier will accept Arctic 25 orders during their time at Seatrade.