AU10TIX Warns: Personal Data Sells at 25¢, Driving Need for 2nd Gen Auth

“USA Personal Info kit
“USA Personal Info kit" is available on Darknet at as low as 25¢ "a piece”, and a "college-level identity-theft course" is offered at a mere $9.99.

An eye-opening article titled “Darknet: Where Your Stolen Identity Goes to Live“, aired 19 August 2016, InformationWeek has put numbers behind one of the key drivers of identity fraud epidemic.

According to the publication a “USA Personal Info kit” consisting of names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account information, etc. is available on Darknet at as low as 25¢ “a piece”.

For would-be fraudsters, the article cites the “Ultimate Fraud Package – 6500 items – 2016 + FREE GIFT!” containing eBooks, tutorials, guides about Bitcoin, PayPal, Bank Transfers, Hacker Tutorials, Carding, Fraud, Cashout Tutorials, Anarchist Handbook.” – all offered at a mere $9.99.

AU10TIX experts point at the ease of obtaining stolen genuine personal data is a key driver of the ever escalating identity fraud epidemic, since KYC regulations by large still insist that the primary way to detect identity fraud in Customer Identification Programs (CIPs) is personal data vetting via Identity verification and credit rating services.

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Since the data is indeed genuine (yet stolen) these checks come out green. The concept that favors checking of information and on account of where the information was obtained from is the weak link, say the experts.

Regulations do mandate obtaining a government issued face ID as the authoritative source of personal data, but do not yet mandate the authentication of the ID document or document image.

AU10TIX experts strongly recommend augmenting data checks with 2nd generation ID authentication and record generation technology. Such technology not only helps detect pixel-level forgery and counterfeiting attempts but also accelerates customer onboarding and removes much of its friction, hence contributing to conversion success chances.

“One cannot help deducing that ‘The Emperor is naked’”, says Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX: “Regulators are obviously concerned with the rise of fraud and identity fraud being its main driver. But regulations seem to remain oblivious to reality.”

(Learn More about AU10TIX, with recent interview by Ron Atzmon, courtesy of AU10TIX and YouTube)

“It may well be that some regulators are not aware of the fact that 2nd generation ID authentication technology is here. And that it can help detect fraud attempts using genuine stolen identity data by detecting ID image manipulations and fabrications.”

“Luckily, more and more financial services providers acknowledge the gap and realize that the right technology can catch two birds at one stroke: Help detect fraud attempts and at the same time accelerate and streamline customer acquisition.”

“It is worthwhile knowing that ID cards, driver’s licences, Passports and other government issued face ID facilities are more powerful preventers of fraud than some may think”, says Ofer Friedman, VP Marketing of AU10TIX.

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“This is true to customer-present as well as customer-not-present situations. The difference maker here is technology. 2nd generation technology such as the BOS platform do much more than read a document and check its data.”

“Unlike 1st generation solutions it looks at an ID image forensically and can detect irregularities and risk factors that are part of a file’s fabric. But what’s nicer is that 2nd generation technology is far more efficient and fast in handling sub-optimal ID images that are so typical to online and mobile channels.”

“That means speedier processing, less quality induced errors and a simple click & go experience for customers. It is security and compliance meeting customer conversion and operating efficiency.”

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