AUDS Anti-UAV Achieves TRL-9 Following US Force Deploy (Video)

AUDS detect-track-defeat counter-drone system
AUDS detect-track-defeat counter-drone system is the only TRL-9 rated fully integrated counter-UAS system on the market following successful mission deployment in 2016 to U.S. military customers

The AUDS counter-UAS defense system, field tested and proven to detect, track and defeat malicious and errant unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones, is the first fully integrated system worldwide to achieve TRL-9 status.

This follows the successful mission deployment of the AUDS system with United States Forces.

TRL-9 is the very highest technology readiness level or maturity that a technology system can attain.

According to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and NASA definitions, TRL-9 signifies that a technology system or product is in its final form and that the actual system is proven through successful mission operations.

(Learn More about the AUDS counter-UAS defense system, courtesy of Blighter Surveillance Systems Ltd and YouTube)

AUDS (Anti-UAV Defense System) is designed to disrupt and neutralize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and potentially malicious activity.

The AUDS system combines electronic-scanning radar target detection, electro-optical (EO) tracking/classification and directional RF inhibition capability.

The AUDS Team brings together three leading British companies, each with the unique capabilities required to create an effective counter UAV system.

Blighter’s A400 series air security radars are able to DETECT small UAVs in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day.

The Chess Dynamics Hawkeye EO/IR camera system, with state-of-the-art video tracking technology, is able to TRACK the UAV and, combined with radar target information, classify the target.

State-of-the-art video tracking is able to TRACK the UAV & combined with radar target info, classify the target.

The operator is then able to make a timely and informed decision to use the Enterprise Control Systems (‘ECS’), smart RF inhibitor to selectively interfere with the C2 channels on the UAV allowing the system to DISRUPT the UAV’s mission.

Mark Radford, speaking for the AUDS team, said: “Achieving TRL-9 status is an important milestone for AUDS in the embryonic counter-drone market.

The sale and deployment of multiple AUDS systems to the U.S. military to protect critical assets and personnel makes AUDS, we believe, the only TRL-9 rated fully integrated strategic counter-UAS system on the market.”

Mark Radford, CEO, Blighter Surveillance Systems
Mark Radford, CEO, Blighter Surveillance Systems

Over the last 18 months, the AUDS system has been heavily evaluated and tested by military and government organizations.

Through this process, AUDS consistently exceeded the mission requirements, simultaneously providing ground and air surveillance against possible threats.

The AUDS system – developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems – can detect a drone six miles (10km) away using electronic scanning radar, track it using precision infrared and daylight cameras and advanced video tracking software before disrupting the flight using a non-kinetic inhibitor to block the radio signals that control it.

This detect, track, defeat process is very quick and typically takes 8-15 secs.

Using AUDS, the operator can effectively take control of a drone and force a safe landing.

The AUDS system works in all weather, day or night and the disruption is flexible, proportional and operator controlled.

AUDS is positioned at the strategic end of the UAS countermeasures market for use by government agencies, the police and military to protect high value critical national infrastructure or strategically important sites/events.

These include nuclear power stations, borders, political, sporting or VIP events, airports and airbases.

AUDS is also currently being evaluated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use at major U.S. airports as part of its Pathfinder Program.

The FAA has signed a Co-operative Research and Development Agreement (CRDA) with Liteye Systems, the AUDS team’s manufacturing and integration partner in North America, to test AUDS at US airports selected by the FAA.

The AUDS Counter-UAS System is designed to detect, track, identify, and defeat hostile unmanned aerial vehicles

To further consolidate its market leading position, the AUDS team has developed a range of new platforms – fixed, semi-permanent and temporary – to better meet the needs of customers in different markets.

These include a platform for the deployment of AUDS to the roof of a building; a field mast system for the protection of semi-permanent sites such as forward operating bases (FOB), air bases or army camps; and a system for rapid deployment purposes.

AUDS will be showcasing its counter-UAS solutions at The International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2017), at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 19 to 23 February 2017.

AUDS will be represented at IDEX by its local UAE partner Trust International in Hall 11/Stand C05.

For more information about AUDS, please contact any of the partner companies, Blighter Surveillance SystemsChess DynamicsEnterprise Control Systems or Liteye Systems.

Blighter Surveillance Systems, is an independent electronic-scanning radar and sensor solution provider delivering an integrated multi-sensor package to systems integrators comprising the Blighter e-scan radars, cameras, thermal imagers, trackers and software solutions.

(Learn More about Blighter ground and air security radars, courtesy of Blighter Surveillance Systems Ltd and YouTube)

Blighter radars combine patented solid-state Passive Electronically Scanned Array (PESA) technology – utilizing digital beam forming (DBF) on transmit and receive – with advanced Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and Doppler processing to provide a robust and persistent surveillance capability and an unmatched combination of high reliability, accuracy and performance with a low cost of ownership.

Products are manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified management system.

Chess Dynamics is a developer of sophisticated optical surveillance, communications and stabilised radar platforms and systems for land, maritime and airborne applications.

The company’s extensive product based systems are ideally suited for tasks such as: search and rescue operations, protection of naval vessels, critical national infrastructure, military bases and vehicles.

Liteye Systems

Liteye Systems, is a leader in surveillance systems for protection of critical infrastructure with products including radars, covert thermal cameras, tactical displays, and the new AUDS counter-UAS system.

All of its cutting edge solutions feature revolutionary designs that enable a broad range of military and commercial applications.