Australian & New Zealand Police Select TASER Smart Weapons (Video)

TASER International is in receipt of an order for 930 TASER X26P™ Smart Weapons for New South Wales Police, 800 X26s for the Queensland Police Service, and 855 TASER® X2™ Smart Weapons for the New Zealand Police.  These orders were received and shipped in the fourth quarter of 2016.

(See the TASER X2 in Action! Courtesy of TASER International and YouTube)

“These international Smart Weapon orders are a crucial part of ongoing business focus,”  says Rick Smith, CEO and co-founder of TASER International.

“Australia and New Zealand were two of our earlier adopters of TASER weapons that have proven to reduce injuries to suspects and officers time and time again there.”

“We commend their continuing paths to a world where every officer has the best technology and training to minimize the chances of a deadly encounter,” concluded Smith.

(What are TASER Smart Weapons? How they work and differ from TASER conducted electrical weapons. Courtesy of TASER International and YouTube) 

TASER International makes communities safer with innovative public safety technologies. Founded in 1993, TASER first transformed law enforcement with its electrical weapons.

TASER continues to define smarter policing with its Axon brand which includes a growing suite of connected products and services from body cameras and digital evidence management tools to mobile apps.


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