Axon Connects TASER Weapons to Wearable Cameras (See in Action)

TASER International has released the new Signal Performance Power Magazine (SPPM), the latest addition to an ever-expanding ecosystem of connected technologies. The SPPM is a smart battery that works with TASER’s X2 and X26P Smart Weapon.

The SPPM is designed to automatically inform Axon Body 2, Axon Flex, Axon Flex 2, and Axon Fleet compatible cameras that a TASER Smart Weapon within signal range is armed, the trigger is pulled, or its arc switch is activated.

The cameras can sense the Smart Weapon status change and start recording. SPPM units have begun shipping and are available now.

(See it in Action. The Signal Performance Power Magazine (SPPM) is a smart battery that works with TASER’s X2 (shown) and X26P Smart Weapons. Courtesy of Taser International and YouTube)

“Our whole mission revolves around making officers’ lives and jobs easier and safer through technology,” said TASER CEO and co-founder Rick Smith.

“In that sense, the last thing we want is for an officer’s focus to be drawn away from a critical situation by his or her devices. SPPM’s ability to alert Axon cameras of CEW usage will go a long way toward helping users concentrate on what’s important.”

How it Works
How it Works

“It will be the easiest, most reliable way for officers to tell the full story without ever having to think about anything beyond managing the situation at hand.”

“SPPM joins Axon Signal, which provides similar alerts from actions in a patrol car such as light bar activation, in allowing officers to focus on the environment around them, not their technology.”

Axon Flex body worn camera controller with Signal Enabled Logo.
Axon Flex body worn camera controller with Signal Enabled Logo.


  • The SPPM battery pack in a X2 or X26P Smart Weapon alerts Axon cameras that are equipped with Axon Signal technology.
  • The SPPM can detect when the safety switch is placed in the up (armed) position and sends a signal in a 30-foot radius for 30 seconds. (A Smart Weapon can only operate when the safety is switched up.)
  • After the weapon is armed and the 30-second transmission is complete, the SPPM will resend a signal whenever the trigger is pulled and/or the arc switch is activated.
  • Any Axon Signal compatible camera that comes within range will sense the status change and begin actively recording.
  • Some older Axon Flex camera controllers are not Axon Signal compatible. Compatible Axon Flex controllers are marked with a logo as shown in the attached photograph.

(Learn More, from Marcus Womack, General Manager of Axon as he discusses how TASER Protects Life & Axon Body Worn Cameras Protect Truth. Axon’s digital evidence management is crucial to this success. Learn how cloud based manages manages the data tsunami using Microsoft Azure. Courtesy of TASER and YouTube)

The SPPM signals your camera when your TASER Smart Weapon is armed, or the moment that your trigger is pulled and arc is engaged.

With the SPPM, you can focus on the critical situation in front of you – not your camera.

What does this enhancement offer to officers?


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