BlackBerry Advances AtHoc Crisis Comm Global Expansion (Learn More)

BlackBerry Secure, Blackberry’s comprehensive approach to security addressing the entire enterprise from end point to end point, is now able to help organizations protect personnel during a crisis without language becoming a barrier when response time is critical.

BlackBerry’s AtHoc, Winner of the 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Platinum Award for Best Mass Notification System, has added eight additional languages, as well as updates to its crisis communication platform includes enhanced mobile alerting functionality, upgraded map-based experiences for emergency operators, and significant performance improvements.

(How do leaders protect the people they care about? By choosing a leader: AtHoc, #1 in networked crisis communication. Courtesy of AtHoc and YouTube)

“A wide range of companies, from oil and gas manufacturers in the Middle East to large transportation hubs in Europe, are in need of platforms that will increase communication and efficiencies throughout global teams,” said Ly Tran, Senior Vice President of BlackBerry AtHoc Sales.

“In addition to finding platforms that enable this level of productivity, customers are also demanding the most secure solutions on the market.”

BlackBerry AtHoc’s key product updates include:

Eight New Languages:

  • Native language support through multiple worldwide datacenters for international customers leads to faster response and improved safety during a crisis.

Enhanced Geographical Targeting:

  • New custom map layering makes targeting users faster and easier for complex global organizations.

Flexible Mobile Operations:

  • Simplifications to the mobile experience, including customized user groups for operators and streamlined alerting for end users, optimize the ability to send and receive critical information during a crisis via the AtHoc mobile app.

Augmented Performance:

  • AtHoc continues to improve performance. With this latest update, it delivers up to 50 percent faster page loads in the product areas used most often, meaning it takes less time to start communicating during a crisis, keeping people and organizations safe.

Enhanced Security and Privacy:

  • AtHoc continues to invest in making its platform the most secure as well as adhering to global privacy standards.

(Learn More about AtHoc, courtesy of AtHoc and YouTube)

“Communicating during and after a crisis is a universal challenge,” said Oded Shekel, Vice President of Product Management at BlackBerry AtHoc.

“We make it easier for customers in Europe and Latin America to protect people by sending messages and monitoring activity in local languages.”

“By automating this process and reducing the burden of translations, we are helping organizations reach personnel quickly during a crisis, without language becoming a barrier when response time is critical.”

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