BLAZE CORE: 3 High-Intensity Police Emergency Lights in 1 (Multi-Video)

Extreme Tactical Dynamics (ETD) is launching its new police light, the revolutionary BLAZE CORE™ Visor Light.

Unlike traditional emergency vehicle visor lights, which have add-on option Takedown Lights, BLAZE CORE TECHNOLOGY™ instantly transforms the entire visor light from colored flashing lights into 6,720 Lumens of blazing white Takedown light with the flip of a switch.

The new LED technology squeezes 2 LEDs into the space for one: a 3-Watt Colored LED with a 3-Watt Takedown light.

This innovative configuration produces a dual function in the space of one standard LED core.

(Emitting a blinding beam of 96 Watts/6,720 Lumens through its TIR Lenses, Blaze creates a Shield of Light™ that provides officers with extra visibility, critical during night-time traffic stops and hides them from the eyes of would-be assailants. Courtesy of Extreme Tactical Dynamics and YouTube)

Nighttime traffic stops continue to be one of the leading causes of injury and death to police officers across the United States.

BLAZE CORE™ LEDs with their exceptional SHIELD OF LIGHT™ could prevent countless deaths and injuries by directly minimizing the risks officers face during nighttime traffic stops.

3 in 1 LED Visor Light bar. Emergency Vehicle Light Mode, Traffic Advisor Mode, BLAZE CORE Takedowns
3 in 1 LED Visor Light bar. Emergency Vehicle Light Mode, Traffic Advisor Mode, BLAZE CORE Takedowns

BLAZE produces abundant, widespread light so officers can thoroughly assess a stopped vehicle and its occupants before approaching it. A highly visible scene makes it possible to recognize and quickly react to threats early enough to save police lives.

This highly functional light comes in 2 sections, one per visor, each 17″ long. A section has 4 chambers with 4 BLAZE CORE™ LEDs with 2 functions: flashing color and Steady-ON Takedown.

It’s compact and has dense light output. The power pack fits into the cigarette lighter plug and has easy-to-reach flash pattern and Takedown controls. It comes with a 9′ cable and visor brackets for quick installation.

Deputy Terry Gray of Griggs County
Deputy Terry Gray of Griggs County

Deputy Terry Gray of Griggs County (N.D.) Sheriff’s Department says it best: “On nighttime traffic stops, light up the offender’s vehicle and don’t be in a rush to get out of your unit.”

“Sit back and watch the activities for a short time. You will see driver and passenger movement inside. You may see what appears to be the hiding of contraband and such.”

“With lights shining on them, the occupants won’t be able to clearly observe your activities.”

BLAZE visor light has two 17″ sections, one per visor, each with 4 chambers that contain 4 BLAZE CORE™ LEDs.   It is compact, multifunctional, and revolutionary!  Nighttime traffic stops are safer with BLAZE!

Chief Scott Hughes, creator and lead course instructor

Chief Scott Hughes, creator and lead course instructor of TNTTactics in Traffic realized the advantage of steady-on bright white light back in 2014.

Upon investigation, he read about other officers around the USA who had also figured out that if you didn’t run red & blues with takedown lights, you could see better!

“One night after making a traffic stop and arresting the driver…I could see inside the car better without the red and blue lights flashing! By using just my takedowns and spotlight, and disabling the forward facing lights, I could actually see more of the interior of the violator’s vehicle.”

“REMEMBER: There’s no such thing as routine!” Hughes added.

(Learn More. This particular traffic stop was far from routine. Courtesy of Calibre Press and YouTube)

Stay Safe At Night…Keep the Whole Scene Well Lit…Get BLAZE!