Blighter’s New Lower Cost Radar for Airports & Critical Infrastructure

Blighter Surveillance Systems has introduced a lower cost, entry level version of its Blighter B400 Series Doppler ground surveillance radar aimed specifically at airports and critical infrastructure sites such as oil/gas facilities, power stations or even palaces.

The new version of the radar delivers all the benefits of a solid-state e-scan Doppler radar, which includes:

  • Exceptional detection (man at 4km)
  • Day/night operation in all weather and light conditions
  • Low manning levels
  • Zero maintenance
  • Low installation costs
  • Lower through life costs and lower false alarm rates
  • At a lower price per km² than any other ground radar

The BlighterView HMI 2 software has also been optimized for perimeter security allowing control over multiple radar and cameras (automatic slew-to-cue) and sophisticated alert and exclusion zones to be created.

Blighter engineers have also enhanced BlighterView to allow easy integration with standard video management systems (VMS) with ONVIF compliance.  

“Our engineers have optimized the design of the new radar, the processing chain and the control software to better meet the needs of our critical infrastructure customers,” explains Mark Radford, CEO, Blighter Surveillance Systems. 

“We have re-engineered the Blighter B400 radar to get to a price point that is attractive to this market and that will deliver improved detection at a lower cost compared with CCTV, thermal imaging systems and low cost, short range mechanically scanned radars.”

(Learn More about Blighter Surveillance Systems, a UK-based designer and manufacturer of electronic-scanning radars. Courtesy of Blighter Surveillance Systems Ltd and YouTube)

The solid-state Blighter passive electronically scanned array (PESA) radar detects small and slow-moving targets – even in cluttered environments – due to the radar’s coactive frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) Doppler fast-scan processing.

B400 Series Radars

  • Long-range ground surveillance radar suited to fixed, mobile and portable applications.
  • Detects moving vehicles and persons
  • Modular scanning from 90° to 360°
  • Fully electronic scanning (E-Scan) using PESA technology for ultra high reliability
  • Unsurpassed ground clutter suppression with low false alarm rate
  • Simultaneous Doppler and FMCW processing whilst fast-scanning (no mode change required)
  • Choice of antennas for optimal terrain coverage
Mark Radford, CEO, Blighter Surveillance Systems
Mark Radford, CEO, Blighter Surveillance Systems

“Our radar’s PESA technology and wide elevation beams are a big advantage for critical infrastructure sites,” added Mark Radford, “as it allows the radars to be mounted on top of existing site buildings – for ease of connection to readily available sources of power and network connectivity, while still giving clear line-of-sight to the perimeter and maintaining the full integrity of the radar coverage zone.”

Blighter B400 radars are already in use at many critical infrastructure sites including several major international airports in Europe, United States, South America and Africa.

In the UK, a Blighter radar/camera surveillance system already forms part of the perimeter security solution at Heathrow airport.

A typical Blighter airport/critical infrastructure site configuration consists of the new Blighter B400 Series radar (90 or 180-degree scanning with detection ranges of 2km, 5km and 8km), BlighterView HMI software, and slew-to-cue PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) thermal imaging surveillance camera systems.

Blighter Surveillance Systems will showcase the Blighter B400 series radar and other products on stand S4-154 at the DSEI Show, the world’s leading defense and security event, at the ExCeL Centre, London, 12-15 September 2017.

Blighter Surveillance Systems logoBlighter Surveillance Systems maintenance free solid state micro Doppler radars are deployed in 33 countries to deliver round the clock all-weather protection along borders, for coastal facilities, at military bases, and to guard critical national infrastructure such as airports, oil and gas facilities and palaces.

The radar products include the Blighter B400 series for ground surveillance, the Blighter C400 series for coastal security, the Blighter B202 Mk 2 man-portable radar system for rapid, mobile deployment and the Blighter Revolution 360 radar system for vehicle mounted solutions.