Border Patrol Grabba Nabs Previously Removed Mexican National (Video)

The Grabba X000-IBS – Integrated Biometrics Fingerprint module enables fingerprint capture in standalone applications, smartphones and tablets. It also includes dual at print and single-finger roll scan, and is ideal for use with hand-held devices, smartphones and tablets.

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested one Mexican National using a mobile-biometric-device to confirm his identity, he was processed for removal from the United States.

On September 29, agents responded to the City of Auburn following a request for assistance from the City of Auburn Police Department.

A subject had been acting in an elusive manner and provided multiple names and dates of birth to officers in order to evade identification.

Grabba Fingerprint readers have wide application where mobile ID checking and verification is required.
Grabba Fingerprint readers have wide application where mobile ID checking and verification is required.

When Border Patrol agents assigned to Rangeley Station arrived, they were able to determine his correct biographical information utilizing a hand-held mobile-biometric-device (Grabba) that captures fingerprints and photographs.

According to CBP, “This piece of technology helps our agents in the field verify the identities of people who do not carry any identification documents, saving them from having to bring the person back to the station to be fingerprinted.”

“The technology available to Border Patrol agents continues to evolve, and helps agents perform their duties quicker and safer while working in the field,” said Jason Owens, Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol in Maine.

(See the Grabba in Action. Courtesy of Grabba International Pty Ltd and YouTube.)

Agents then transported the man to the Rangeley Border Patrol Station for processing.

During the administrative portion of processing it was discovered that the man had been ordered-removed from the United States by an Immigration Judge on November 13, 2016.

It was then revealed that a warrant for deportation had been issued on January 5, 2017 after the subject failed to appear for his court date.

Jason Owens, Chief Patrol Agent

Additionally, the man admitted to agents that he re-entered the United States illegally through Arizona sometime back in 2010.

He also told agents that he had been working and living in the states of Ohio, Indiana and Maine under false aliases since then.

“Sharing resources with other law enforcement partners in our communities helps promote the good relationships we have established,” added Chief Owens.

The Border Patrol in Maine relies on the cooperation and assistance of the public.

Anyone wishing to make a confidential report of suspicious activity may call (800) 851-8727 to contact the United States Border Patrol in Maine.