Breakthrough Bio-Threat Detection Featured at MailCom 2016 (Video)

Breakthrough Anthrax, Ricin and Ebola Bio-Threat Detection Technology for Mail Room Screening Featured at MailCom 2016
Breakthrough Anthrax, Ricin and Ebola Bio-Threat Detection Technology for Mail Room Screening Featured at MailCom 2016

Baltimore bio tech firm, PathSensors, will be leading a presentation on the CANARY® (Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields) bio-threat detection technology at the MailCom 2016 Convention.

Developed by scientists at MIT Lincoln Labs, CANARY can detect a wide range of threats such as anthrax and ricin faster, with greater sensitivity and more cost-effectively than alternative threat detection methods.

“Industry experts estimate that the loss of a single business day due to an incident such as a suspicious powder can cost businesses and governments hundreds of thousands of dollars,” commented Ted Olsen, CEO of PathSensors.

(Learn More from PathSensors CEO Ted Olsen, courtesy of PathSensors and YouTube)

“Given these potential costs, it is critical that mail room screening for threats such as anthrax is fast and accurate.” Mr. Olsen continued, “PathSensors has evaluated multiple solutions for mail screening threat detection, and no other technology is better than CANARY in terms of low false alarms, speed, low cost and ease of use.”

The CANARY technology was developed by scientists at MIT Lincoln Labs. It has been successfully deployed for mail room bio threat detection applications for large government agencies and commercial organizations. J.J. Lehett, PathSensor’s Director of Engineering will present data at the MailCom convention on a series of independent U.S. government tests of CANARY that demonstrate its performance.

“We understand that detection of bio threats in mail – whether in a high volume mail processing environment or in individual testing of suspicious powders can be challenging and potentially expensive,” said Mr. Lehett.

“MailCom is an ideal opportunity for us to share our data on CANARY technology and discuss why we believe it should be considered by anyone concerned about the security of mail.”

Pathsensors logoPathSensors is a leading biotechnology solutions and environmental testing company. PathSensors provides high speed, highly sensitive pathogen and threat detection solutions for the defense, homeland security, public health, medical countermeasures, mail room screening, first responder, food processing and agricultural sectors.

PathSensors’ innovative BioFlash and Zephyr detection systems use CANARY® technology licensed from the MIT-Lincoln Laboratory and are deployed by government and commercial agencies due to their speed, accuracy and ease-of-use.