Chattanooga PD Chooses Total Recall for Citywide Safety Solution

Total Recall Corporation, a Convergint Technologies Company, has been selected to work with the Chattanooga Police Department and the City of Chattanooga to make their city a safer place.

Total Recall will provide them with a citywide safety solution that includes 15 of its outdoor CrimeEye-RD-2™ rapid deployment portable video systems, the latest in its CrimeEye line of digital video solutions.

“Total Recall Corporation and Convergint Technologies are very pleased that the Chattanooga Police Department has selected  CrimeEye as the platform for their citywide safety solution,” said Jordan Heilweil, President of Total Recall Corporation.

“CrimeEye will allow CPD to respect the privacy of its citizens while also creating a more secure environment.”

CrimeEye-RD-2 Rapid Deployment Surveillance Solutions by Total Recall
CrimeEye-RD-2 Rapid Deployment Surveillance Solutions by Total Recall

The Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) has begun installing CrimeEye-RD-2 video units on 15 power poles throughout Chattanooga.

The CrimeEye-RD-2 uses Axis Communications dome network cameras—managed by Genetec Omnicast™, an IP video management system—to stream HD-quality video within just minutes of installation.

All of this video data will be viewed live at CPD’s new Real-Time Intelligence Center.

The CrimeEye-RD-2 is lightweight and self-contained, and it provides easy portability, simplified installation, superior imaging, and intelligent electronics.

The unit requires virtually no tools to set up and can be deployed by one person on almost any type of pole with the included mounting hardware.

Benefits Include:

  • Promotes crime reduction
  • Aids in verifying situations
  • Captures and documents events
  • Improves local business environment
  • Improves community safety & relations
  • Provides foundation for the Internet of Things
Rebecca Law, Business Development Manager, Convergint Technologies

Chattanooga, which is the fourth-largest city in Tennessee and has more than 175,000 residents, is one of several municipalities throughout the United States to choose Total Recall Corporation’s CrimeEye solutions.

“The Chattanooga Police Department is now part of an exclusive group of CrimeEye users that includes the Department of Homeland Security, the Statue of Liberty, and some of the biggest police departments in the United States,” said Rebecca Law, Business Development Manager, Convergint Technologies.

“We are honored to be working with Chief Fletcher and the men and women of the Chattanooga Police Department.”

Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher

“CrimeEye promotes crime reduction, community safety, continues building relationships with our community, assists in solving all types of crimes, and aids prosecutors in putting criminals in jail,” said Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher.

AXIS Communications and Genetec Inc. are long-time Total Recall Corporation technology partners that have successfully collaborated on many CrimeEye deployments, including providing video coverage for the Statue of Liberty, the national Concert for Valor, and for the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the United States.

“Safety is one of the key responsibilities of every city around the globe. We’re pleased that our cameras are part of the CrimeEye deployment in Chattanooga” said Mark McCormack, National Sales Manager, National Accounts, Axis Communications, Inc.

Bob Carter, Business Development Manager for Smarter and Safer Cities, Genetec Inc

“The collaboration between Axis Communications, Total Recall, and the Chattanooga Police Department has been successful in making Chattanooga a smarter and safer city for all.”

“Genetec is committed to helping communities like the City of Chattanooga implement the best unified security technology solutions to keep their city safe,” said Bob Carter, Business Development Manager for Smarter and Safer Cities, Genetec Inc.

“We look forward to serving the City of Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Police Department through our partnership with Convergint Technologies, coupling our industry-leading video software solutions for law enforcement with Total Recall’s innovative CrimeEye outdoor video solutions,” added Carter.

Total Recall Corporation, a Convergint Technologies Company, is a video-centric security technology provider specializing in citywide safety solutions, including command and control centers, wireless connectivity, and video network design and management.