Chicago Police CDR Dies after Being Shot Multiple Times (See Video)

Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer was fatally shot after chasing a suspect Tuesday afternoon in the city's downtown business center.

By Nicole Darrah, Fox News

An off-duty officer with the Chicago Police Department has died after he was “senselessly murdered” in a downtown building Tuesday afternoon, police said.

Commander Paul Bauer, of the 18th District, was chasing a suspect when he was “shot multiple times,” Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said at a news conference.

Johnson stated that earlier Tuesday afternoon, Chicago police saw someone “acting suspiciously” who quickly fled from the tactical officers.

(Cmdr. Paul Bauer Was Assisting Tactical Officers When Shot By Offender At Thompson Center. Courtesy of CBS Chicago and YouTube. Posted on Feb 13, 2018)

A description of the suspect was broadcast on police radio, and when Bauer, who was off-duty, saw the offender, he approached him.

The superintendent said that while “any loss of life in this city is tragic, today is difficult.”

After the shooting, Bauer was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Fox 32 Chicago reported the commander was shot in a stairwell of the Thompson Center in the city’s downtown business center.

Witnesses and a police source told Fox News that police seemed to be responding to a robbery, and the fallen officer was shot as he chased the suspect.

A “person of interest” has been taken into custody, police said.

Bauer was a 31-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department.

(Chicago 18th District Commander Paul Bauer recently worked to bridge the divide between police and the people they protect over coffee! Take this rare opportunity to meet Commander Bauer, and hear from him directly as part of the 18th District’s ‘Coffee with the Commander’ initiative. Courtesy of The Jam TV Show and YouTube. Posted on Sep 19, 2017)

Fox News’ Matt Finn and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Editor’s Note: Our heartfelt condolences to the Chicago Police Department. Thoughts and prayers with this brave officer’s family. May you rest in peace Sir.