Which Countries are the Least Cyber Safe (See Infographic)

By Richard Patterson, Comparitech

Not all countries are equal when it comes to cyber security and internet freedom.

Many are poorly equipped to handle cyber attacks, while others are better equipped but more frequently targeted.

Some countries boast free and open internet, while others impose strict censorship systems that block access to the web and punish citizens for what they post.

Because so much data is now stored online, we’re constantly exposed to a number of dangers including ransomware, identity theft, malware and cyber attacks.

These happen every second all over the world, costing the economy millions of dollars. But what countries are being attacked the most and who’s best prepared for a cyber attack?

This data visualization will delve into a number of metrics that demonstrate the variety of threats we face online, looking at which countries receive the highest amount of DDoS attacks, cyber espionage, and web application attacks.

Cyber security statistics by country
Courtesy of Comparitech

It’ll also journey across the world to find out which countries give their users the most freedom on the internet, and which are least prepared for cyber attacks. We’ll also take a look at just how much cyber crime is costing various countries.

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