CPD Officers Killed Investigating Shooting, Didn’t Hear Train (Videos)

Chicago Police Officers Eduardo Marmolejo, 37, had been on the force for 2 1/2 years, and Conrad Gary, 31, joined the force 18 months ago. (Courtesy of the Chicago Police Department)

December 19, 2018 – In Breaking News – CBS Chicago

Body camera footage from one of two Chicago police officers killed by a train is revealing new details about what the officers saw — and more importantly — what they didn’t see.

A closer look the officers who lost their lives and the events leading up to their last moments.

(Chicago police say two officers investigating a shots-fired call on the city’s far South Side have died after being struck by a train. Police say a weapon was recovered and a person of interest is being questioned. Courtesy of AP and YouTube. Posted on Dec 18, 2018.)

After reviewing body cam video from the scene, police said that the officers were looking in the direction of an oncoming train and did not see or hear the train that was coming from behind them, taking their lives within an instant.

At 6:15 Monday night, a report of gunfire, thanks to a hi-tech sound detector called a ShotSpotter. (*ShotSpotter is a 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Winner for Best Gunshot Detection System.)

Thirty seconds later, a unit is dispatched. They must have been close because they’re on the scene seconds later.

Three minutes later, dispatchers receive word that someone is running south on the east side of the tracks in Rosemoor.

Two police officers, Conrad Gary and Eduardo Marmolejo went west up the embankment to the tracks, searching for a a gunman.

From looking at body cam video, police said the officers then went south on the tracks, west of a train that was headed inbound.

(Eduardo Marmolejo, 37, and Conrad Gary, 31, both lost their lives when they were hit by a South Shore Metra train near 103rd and Cottage Grove. Courtesy of CBS Boston and YouTube. Posted on Dec 18, 2018.)

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Editor’s note: Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Officers Gary and Marmolejo, both blood and blue. Thank you for your bravery in serving the citizens of Chicago with pride and distinction. You will not be forgotten.

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