CYBERBIT Brings Training/Simulation to New Cyber Training Range (Video)

Elbit Systems’s subsidiary, CYBERBIT, has been awarded a contract to supply its CYBERBIT Range platform to the Cyber Security Training Range (CSTR) of Maryland, LLC, the first hands-on cyber-security training center for IT and SCADA security professionals in the United States.

CYBERBIT’s training and simulation platform will serve as the launching capability of the CSTR , instructing cyber-security professionals how to protect national assets and infrastructure against cyber attacks.

(Learn More about CYBERBIT Training, courtesy of CYBERBIT and YouTube)

The contract, in an amount that is not material to Elbit Systems, will be performed during the year 2017.

Leveraging the capabilities of the CYBERBIT Range, the CSTR of Maryland provides a unique approach to cyber-security training, enabling the entire security and business team to practice the incident-response workflow in hyper-realistic settings that mimic the trainee’s actual work environment.

Simulated Attacks in Hyper-Realistic Settings

Image courtesy of CYBERBIT

Thus, it allows teams to respond faster and more effectively to complex and advanced attacks, such as ransomware, and to perform better as a team.

Centrally located in Baltimore, close to the federal government’s cyber-related activities, CSTR of Maryland will offer cyber-security professionals in both private and public sectors the convenience of training with the most current cyber warfare strategies.

Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit
Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit

“Public sector organizations manage highly sensitive infrastructure and cannot afford to have the staff’s first encounter with a threat occur during attacks,” said Adi Dar, General Manager of CYBERBIT.

“By training and simulating the response process in advance, security staff can dramatically improve their performance.”

“We are looking forward to helping CSTR create top-notch security experts by means of the Range platform.”

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