Damballa & Interface Masters Partner to Provide Robust Network Visibility and Security

Damballa, a leader in Network Security Monitoring for advanced threats and Interface Masters, a leader in Network Visibility and Uptime Solutions have partnered to ensure a complete network security solution that provides coverage across 1G and 10G Network links, non-blocking visibility and full security coverage including network behavior, content and threat analysis.

The joint Damballa and Interface Masters solution offers a cost-effective approach to provide comprehensive network visibility, deep packet inspection, Netflow & traffic monitoring, content inspection, endpoint analysis, and behavioral classification to detect complex, evolving and varied threats in real time. Together, Damballa and Interface Masters provide a plug-and-play passive network security solution that ensures network access and uptime, with intuitive and comprehensive user interface, reporting, and notifications.

The Network TAP ports of Interface Masters’ hybrid Network Packet Broker (NPB), Niagara 2804, connect to each side of one or multiple bi-directional 1G or 10G network links and transparently pass network traffic while ensuring network integrity and network uptime in case of any power failure, link loss or software crash via fail-to-wire protection. The appliance NPB ports (1G/10G flexible SFP+ ports) provide the ability to loadbalance, aggregate, filter and/or mirror the tapped Network traffic to one or multiple Damballa Failsafe® Sensors. Damballa Failsafe® takes a multi-faceted approach using a multitude of detection techniques that analyze network behavior, malicious content and applies threat intelligence. The integrated solution provides a seamless passive network monitoring and visibility solution tailored to protect enterprises, service providers, governments, and institutions.

“Interface Masters’ partnership with Damballa will provide significant value to customers looking for a turn-key solution that can provide non-intrusive network access to 10G and 1G networks and comprehensive network security coverage,” stated Aaron Nankin, Director of Business Development at Interface Masters Technologies. “The flexible TAP and ‘PacketMaster’ is a hybrid all in one system, providing the best cost performance in the market, that ensures simple and complex network topology monitoring for anomalies and threats at wire speed.”

“Damballa and Interface Masters’ integrated cyber security solution enables scalability and growth in monitoring network traffic for malicious communications by APT’s and advanced malware,” stated Steve Laubenstein, VP of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships. “Interface Masters’ Network TAP technology ensures full capture of network traffic for purposes of accurate and complete network traffic analysis and threat detection.”

The Damballa Failsafe® Sensor+ Interface Masters Niagara 2804 Network TAP/PacketMaster provides key benefits including:

  • Support for 10G & 1G Network TAP, Filtering, Mirroring, Aggregation, Loadbalancing and Speed Conversion between Network Links & Failsafe® Sensor(s)
  • Plug & play, user-friendly Web GUI/Management
  • Analyze network behaviors, malicious content, threat actors and APT activity
  • deep packet inspection, NetFlow & traffic monitoring
  • Access to Damballa Threat Discovery Center’s (TDC) unmatched Worldwide Internet visibility
  • Network analytics, reporting and alerting
  • Damballa Failsafe® Availability
  • The Failsafe® product line is available and in full production.
  • For pricing information, please contact the Damballa sales team at sales@damballa.com.
  • Interface Masters Network TAP/PacketBroker Availability

Interface Masters 1G and/or 10G Network active TAP/Bypass Switch and PacketBroker System is available and in full production.

For volume pricing information for the Niagara 2804 or any other Network TAP, Bypass or PacketBroker, please contact the Interface Masters sales team at sales@interfacemasters.com or follow the link: http://www.interfacemasters.com/pdf/Niagara_2804_rev8.pdf 

About Damballa

Damballa was founded in 2006 by pioneering data scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology who were conducting Ph.D.-level research around malicious network communications. They quickly realized that security controls designed to stop attackers at the perimeter would not measure up to advanced methods. Their work caught the interest of ISPs, mobile carriers and forward-thinking large enterprises. Concepts developed in the University lab were put operationalized in live networks and Damballa was born. Damballa delivers advanced threat protection for active threats that bypass traditional security layers, rapidly discovering infections with certainty and pinpointing compromises that represent the highest risk to a business. For more information, please go to www.damballa.com

About Interface Masters

Interface Masters Technologies is a leading vendor in the network monitoring and visibility market including External Bypass and Failover Switches, PacketMaster® Network Packet Broker, Passive TAP, and Active TAP, based in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Interface Masters’ expertise lies in Gigabit, 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE networking solutions that integrate with monitoring, inline networking, IPS, UTM, Load Balancing, WAN acceleration, and other mission-critical IT and security appliances. Company Headquarters are located in San Jose, CA with satellite offices in Hong Kong and Europe.