Deliver Real Time Alerts to Agency Upon Gun Draw (Learn More, Video)

Safariland, debuted a new partnered technology, developed in collaboration with Motorola Solutions, at the 2017 International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP), in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from October 21-24.

With this product, a Motorola Solutions radio or broadband device will automatically deliver an alert signal to an agency command center once an officer’s firearm is drawn from their Safariland® 7TS™ duty holster equipped with CAS™ technology. 

CAS-enabled Safariland 7TS holster
CAS-enabled Safariland 7TS holster

“Every second is critical once a law enforcement professional draws their firearm,” said Sean McCarthy, who leads the wearable technologies and VIEVU® body-worn camera business for Safariland.

“Our agencies and officers need real time information to support, monitor, and respond immediately to issues in the field.

“Through our collaboration with Motorola Solutions we can deliver real time alerts with mission critical reliability to the thousands of agencies already using Motorola Solutions radios.

“This industry-first offering evolved from our collective focus to provide next generation life-saving solutions.”

Motorola Solutions Responder Alert utilizes a Bluetooth® sensor mounted directly to the Safariland® CAS 7TS™ duty holster. 

(A bluetooth sensor detects when a fire arm is drawn and sends an alert to the command center so they can send backup. In addition it switches on the body-worn camera that become the eyes and ears of the dispatcher. Courtesy of Motorola Solutions and YouTube)

Through its revolutionary design, the system detects when the firearm is away from the holster and will directly signal an officer’s Motorola Solutions APX™ portable radio or a broadband device like the Motorola Solutions LEX L10 or LEX F10.

Digital messages are then passed through Motorola Solutions software, sending an alert to the command center in real time. 

With this system, officers can stay focused on the primary task at hand.

(Learn More about the 7TS™ duty holster. Your firearm is there to protect you. The 7TS Holster is here to protect your firearm. Courtesy of Safariland and YouTube) 

With connectivity to Motorola Solutions devices for real-time alerts, the CAS-enabled Safariland 7TS holster is an example of how Safariland embedded wearable technology will bring superior product capability to law enforcement. 

A lot can happen in thirty seconds. Police officers on the street are used to the unexpected, but often an incident develops so quickly that there simply isn’t time to tell dispatch, call for backup or do anything other than react instinctively. The CAS-enabled 7TS holster is constructed of SafariSeven™, a proprietary DuPont™ nylon blend that is extremely rugged and protective.

On the inside of the holsters, the SafariSeven material is non-abrasive to protect your firearm’s finish.

The interior also has thin raised surfaces called risers to create airspace around your firearm, allowing any dirt and moisture to quickly clear contact.

And since the risers cause less friction, the 7TS models have an easy draw that feels effortless.

(See Bill Rogers demonstrate the effortless draw from the 7TS™ holster line from Safariland. Courtesy of Safariland and YouTube)

7TS holsters are lightweight, yet practically impervious to the elements, tolerating extreme heat and cold.

Sean McCarthy, Safariland VP, Strategy & IntegrationSean McCarthy, Safariland VP, Strategy & IntegrationIf the holsters are submersed in water, they remain structurally sound.

Once your firearm is holstered, it’s secured with the SLS (Self Locking System) and/or the state-of-the-art ALS® (Automatic Locking System).

The holster features a 30-day battery life with replaceable batteries. 

“Not only does this system have best-in-class efficiencies without an officer ever having to stop to turn the system on, by connecting the officer to dispatch, it provides added security, support, and response without the officer having to change focus to make the call,” added McCarthy.

Seven Top Level Features of the 7TS Include:

  • Proprietary nylon blend protects your firearm’s finish from marks and scratches
  • Raised interior surfaces create airspace around the weapon to prevent dirt and moisture from coming in contact with your firearm
  • Extreme heat tolerance; structurally sound at 300° F
  • Incredibly cold tolerant; structurally sound at -50° F
  • Can be submerged in water indefinitely and still maintain shape and performance
  • Matte finish means an easy-to-maintain surface with minimal reflection
  • Compatible with all Safariland® holster mounting options

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