Deploying Innovative Solutions for Perimeter Security, Webinar

On March 30, 2017, Xtalks will host a complimentary webinar featuring a panel of speakers including:

Shane Meenan, Director of Sales, Integrated Solutions from Tyco Integrated Security, Gadi Bar-Ner, Vice President of Marketing at Magos Systems and Darrell Geusz, Senior Product Manager at Usher by MicroStrategy.

Layered security is a cornerstone principal in security risk management to help security leaders reduce the risk of breaches.

Striking the right balance between investment in systems and the potential costs of detection, response and recovery from a breach is paramount.

Rapid developments in threat vectors across both physical and logical security, compounded by the broad array of potential technologies available for perimeter security incidents, make the security manager’s job even more challenging.

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It’s best to stick to fundamentals and keep it simple when deciding what, where and how to best protect their organization’s perimeters.

In this webinar, Tyco Integrated Security is proud to share strategies and solutions that leading enterprises are deploying to help strengthen the campus and/or facility perimeter security and adapt to changing threats.

Tyco Integrated SecurityFrom installing ground-based radar paired with video surveillance to the deployment of mobile credentials for both physical and logical systems access, viewers will learn about how to get started in planning and deploying cost-effective next generation security technology.

Join us to hear how:

A leading east coast university:

  • Wanted to monitor their outdoor athletic fields for intrusion after-hours
  • Dealt with break-ins with thefts from their equipment buildings and vandalism to the fields
  • Had tried Video Analytics and Motion Detection in the past but struggled with false alarms
  • Deployed of Magos ground-based radar, saving them from having to pay a security guard to monitor the fields at night when there should be no activity on the fields

A leading high-technology manufacturer:

  • Needed a secure way to provide physical access for executives and management visiting their production facilities
  • Wanted to provide access and messaging functionality using proximity beacons
  • Deployed mobile credentialing digital access badges from Usher by MicroStrategy for both physical and logical systems access

The session will be particular useful for professionals working in utilities, airports, universities, high-technology companies, banking, plus corporate and public sector campuses and buildings.

For more information or to register for this free webinar visit: Examine Strategies for Deploying Innovative Solutions for Perimeter Security

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