Deputy US Marshal, Fugitive Killed in Georgia Shootout (Video)

By AP via Fox News US

The hunt for a fugitive accused of shooting at police in South Carolina turned deadly when law officers tracked the suspect to southeast Georgia, where an attempt to arrest him erupted in gunfire.

The brief shootout at a mobile home in rural Long County killed a deputy U.S. marshal as well as the man his team was trying to apprehend.

The U.S. Marshals Service said Patrick Carothers, deputy commander of the agency’s Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, died after being shot twice as the officers entered the mobile home.

(Many are mourning the death of a U.S. Marshals deputy shot and killed Friday while serving a warrant on a fugitive in southeast Georgia. Courtesy of KRQE and YouTube)

“Pat is a hero,” David Harlow, deputy director of the Marshals Service, said in a statement Friday offering condolences to Carothers’ wife and five children. Carothers had served 26 years with the agency.

The slain suspect was identified as Dontrell Montese Carter, 25. He had been wanted in Sumter County, South Carolina, since Sept. 18 on charges of attempted murder of police officers, domestic violence and illegally discharging a weapon.

(Sumter Police Chief Russell Roark and Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Hampton Gardner announced this morning that a $7,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of Dontrell Montese Carter on September 20, 2016. Courtesy of Sumter Police Department and YouTube)

The agency said Carothers and his team had tracked Carter to a mobile home just outside Ludowici, about 55 miles southwest of Savannah. Carothers was shot as they were entering the home.

Law officers returned fire and shot Carter multiple times, the Marshals Service said. Both men were taken to area hospitals, where they were pronounced dead.

Dontrell Montese Carter
Dontrell Montese Carter (Image: Twitter)

Carter had been on the run since he fled South Carolina in mid-September.

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office said at the time that officers tried to arrest Carter after receiving calls that he had assaulted his girlfriend and fired gunshots into the home of a relative who tried to intervene.

Carter ended up leading officers on a car chase, the sheriff’s office said, and fired shots at the officers as he left his vehicle and escaped on foot.

Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis offered condolences in a statement Friday. His office declined further comment.

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, in a statement Friday, said she was “deeply saddened” by Carothers’ death.

“He stayed true to his oath to the last, laying down his life to keep his community safe and his neighbors secure,” Lynch said.

“I know that his legacy will live on in the proud annals of the U.S. Marshals Service and in the memory of his fellow law enforcement officers from coast to coast.

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