Voters can take a few simple steps to help secure our elections. See them below.
Voters can take a few simple steps to help secure our elections. See them below.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)—in collaboration with federal, state, local, and private sector partners nationwide, are continuing efforts to protect our elections.

(The FBI will have special agents in each field office ready to track down any questions about election fraud or abuse. Courtesy of WBIR and YouTube. Posted on Nov 1, 2018.)

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, DNI Dan Coats, and FBI Director Christopher Wray released the following joint statement today:

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

“Our agencies have been working in unprecedented ways to combat influence efforts and to support state and local officials in securing our elections, including efforts to harden election infrastructure against interference.

“Our goal is clear: ensure every vote is counted and counted correctly. At this time we have no indication of compromise of our nation’s election infrastructure that would prevent voting, change vote counts, or disrupt the ability to tally votes.”

“But Americans should be aware that foreign actors – and Russia in particular – continue to try to influence public sentiment and voter perceptions through actions intended to sow discord.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

“They can do this by spreading false information about political processes and candidates, lying about their own interference activities, disseminating propaganda on social media, and through other tactics.

“The American public can mitigate these efforts by remaining informed, reporting suspicious activity, and being vigilant consumers of information, as discussed below.”

“The United States will not tolerate foreign interference in our elections from Russia, China, Iran, or other nations.

National Intelligence Director Dan Coats
National Intelligence Director Dan Coats

“As noted in a  joint statement on October 19, 2018, such actions are a threat to our democracy, and identifying and preventing this interference is one of our highest priorities.”

“On September 12, President Trump signed an executive order that makes clear the U.S. government will not hesitate to defend our electoral processes or punish those who attempt to undermine them.”

“Our agencies have been making preparations for nearly two years in advance of these elections and are closely engaged with officials on the ground to help them ensure the voting process is secure.

FBI Director Christopher Wray
FBI Director Christopher Wray

“Americans can rest assured that we will continue to stay focused on this mission long after polls have closed.”

To learn more about efforts to protect America’s elections please visit:

Voters can take a few simple steps to help secure our elections, including:

  • Get Election Information Straight from the Source – Your State or Local Election Office. Call them or check their website.

    • They will have accurate information you can trust on the status of your voter registration, polling hours and location, identification requirements, and election results.

  • Be Smart When Consuming or Sharing Election-Related Information: Know Your Source—And Think Before You Link.

    • Compare reporting from multiple sources to determine reliable information.

    • Before sharing, ask yourself, “Who wrote it? Who posted it? What are their sources?

(Learn More. The FBI’s Protected Voices initiative provides cybersecurity recommendations to political campaigns on multiple topics, including hacking awareness, to help mitigate the risk of cyber influence operations targeting U.S. elections. For more information, visit voices. Courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and YouTube. Posted on Aug 30, 2018.)

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