DoD Partners with Plurilock to Prevent Cybersecurity Threats

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has selected BioTracker, a Plurilock Security Solutions patented cybersecurity technology developed for combat support, as part of several multi-factor authentication technologies to combat insider threats.

The department recently contracted with Plurilock for its first-of-a-kind “proof-of-presence” cybersecurity software featuring continuous authentication on its workplace computers.

V. Adm. Mike McConnell, USN (Ret.)
V. Adm. Mike McConnell, USN (Ret.)

“With BioTracker, CIOs and security professionals finally have control over the insider threat challenge,” stated V. Adm. Mike McConnell, USN (Ret.), former Director National Security Agency (NSA) and Director National Intelligence, and independent board director at Plurilock Security Solutions.

“Using sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI), the Plurilock solution enables corporations to prevent, respond, analyze, and report to internal security departments and external compliance agencies on the actions performed by each workplace individual.”

“Plurilock’s unique solution proves to any compliance agency that you have full visibility and non-repudiation capabilities for the modern workforce.”

Stop Insider Threats with Artificial Intelligence

Drawing from advanced mathematics, the technology employs a combination of bayesian models, artificial neural networks and k-mean clustering.

Plurilock’s system builds user profiles, detects malicious behavior and stops intruders in real-time, securing the enterprise and solving key compliance challenges.

There is no configuration of rules or reliance on signatures for the system to operate.

Instead, Plurilock ingests normal user behavior in the context of a company’s environment, and uses anomaly detection techniques to determine when behavior becomes abnormal.

Plurilock ingests normal user behavior in the context of a company’s environment, and uses anomaly detection techniques to determine when behavior becomes abnormal.
Plurilock ingests normal user behavior in the context of a company’s environment, and uses anomaly detection techniques to determine when behavior becomes abnormal.

This fundamental shift from traditional technology that relies on rules and signatures to preconceive potential threats avoids the current arms race between attackers and defenders, as Plurilock can stop unknown unknowns.

Under this new agreement, Plurilock will work with the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), an agency that identifies emerging commercial technologies for the department’s use.

The DoD plans to strengthen its information security by integrating several multi-factor authentication technologies, including Plurilock’s. DIUx has provided a clear and level playing field for the best disruptive technology to make its way into the hands of the warfighter.

Plurilock Screen Shot
Plurilock Screen Shot

The department is evaluating Plurilock’s technology as part of an effort to augment or replace the common access card or username/password forms of authentication.

The department is creating a family of authenticators, all integrated and available based on time, risk, and environment, providing flexibility and enhancing security beyond the standard two-factor authentication commonly used today.

Plurilock’s patented “behavioral biometrics” software uniquely identifies people by the way they use their corporate computing devices, such as laptops, desktops, and servers.

After just 20 minutes’ tracking a user’s keystroke style and speed, mouse use, and other behaviors, Plurilock’s software builds a biometric profile unique to that user.

Ian Paterson, Plurilock CEO
Ian Paterson, Plurilock CEO

Its patented continuous authentication algorithms enable the platform to know who is on the corporate network, where they are, and when they are there—and to detect intruders, in real time.

“Today’s systems cannot verify user identity with certainty,” said Plurilock’s CEO, Ian Paterson.

“Hackers steal passwords and tokens, create fake fingerprint impressions, and even re-route phone authentication codes, fooling computing devices and accounts into providing them with access. As a result, breaches may take months to detect and resolve.”

“Furthermore, vendors now must spend much time and money maintaining records for compliance audits with their partners. For both cases, Plurilock’s technology provides immediate solutions.” .

Plurilock Security Solutions“Plurilock’s advanced system for determining ongoing proof of presence provides a cybersecurity solution that instantaneously recognizes breaches, helps with corporate forensic investigations, and ensures regulatory compliance.”

Plurilock delivers preventative, instantaneous, and continuous solutions for workplace authentication and regulatory compliance.

Its software strengthens workplace cybersecurity using sophisticated behavioral biometrics to identify authorized users and neutralize insider threats.

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