DOT Awards $230M in AIP Infrastructure Grants to 104 Airports

The U.S. Department of Transportation via the Federal Aviation Administration will award $230 million in Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants for 104 airports across the United States.

The airport grant program funds various types of airport infrastructure projects, including:

  • Runways
  • Taxiways
  • Airport signage, lighting, and markings

These airport infrastructure projects will help to create thousands of jobs. Airports are entitled to a certain amount of AIP funding each year, based on passenger volume.

Michael P. Huerta, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration

“U.S. airports are huge economic drivers,” said FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta.

“AIP allows us to continue to invest in the safety and modernization of our nation’s airports.”

The FAA will issue AIP grants to the airports over the next several weeks in time to take advantage of the spring and summer construction season.

The grants will ensure the projects at these airports are either under construction or completed prior to the onset of the winter season, which comes early in late fall in some parts of the country.


To view a complete list of AIP grant recipients, go to: