Dynamis COBRA Leveraged During Trump’s Inauguration

The COBRA incident management software by Dynamis, was successfully deployed by multiple public safety organizations in Washington, DC during the Inauguration of President Donald Trump on January 20, as well as the corresponding marches and events held during the following days.

During the events, COBRA supported different missions based on agency and user requirements, keeping millions of residents and visitors safe.

Previously, COBRA has supported Emergency Operations Centers, field deployed Command Posts, and HAZMAT response teams during similar large-scale events. 

COBRA is a turn-key, commercial-off-the-shelf emergency management solution designed to work on any modern web browser, including mobile-friendly formats for Microsoft, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Dynamis’ COBRA software provide a proven, scalable incident management / common operating picture solution that exceeds customer requirements during both National Security Events and daily activities.

(COBRA software serving as Common Operating Picture system. Courtesy of COBRA Software and YouTube)

Two Nations, One Software.

January was a busy month for Dynamis.

Not only was it used to keep the nation’s capital safe during the inaugural events, the nation of Belgium went live on January 1 with a COBRA-based solution for their national Incident & Crisis Information Management System (ICMS). 

Capable of supporting up to 4000 users from the local to the federal level, Belgian emergency services will use the COBRA-based ICMS across the entire crisis cycle, including planning, exercises, incident management, and evaluation.

Belgium now uses COBRA as its single national repository for all emergency management related information.

The system is used by 1,200 jurisdictions, 2,500 organizations, 4,000 active users, and maintains 60,000 emergency management related contacts.

(Learn More, courtesy of COBRA Software and YouTube)

In addition, Belgium grants system access to each jurisdiction for managing their emergency management plans, exercise plans, After Action Reports (AARs), planning scenarios, national GIS layers, national vulnerable/critical facility layers, hospital bed status information, and more. 

This project requires COBRA to display critical and vulnerable facilities on a map, allow agencies to upload and manage personal GIS map layers, share information between local communities and Federal users, support four different languages (French, Dutch, German, and English), integrate with military/federal map servers using WMS feeds, and include custom crisis response forms.

“Thanks to ICMS using the COBRA software, the Belgian authorities can collaborate for their missions in the field of safety and security, and have a common situational awareness which is critical during emergencies.” – Peter Mertens, Belgium Department of Interior, Crisis Center Communications

Dynamis is a growing provider of integrated solutions for United States and international federal agencies, specializing in preparedness and economic resilience and comprehensive mission support services.

Dynamis provides a variety of services, including strategic advice, analysis, IT solutions, training, and decision support to the government, primarily to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and to the Department of Defense (DoD). Dynamis acquired COBRA software in April of 2016