ECN’s New Two-Way Messaging Capabilities (See in Action)

Emergency Communications Network (ECN) has introduced two-way messaging within its industry-leading critical communication and mass notification solutions.

This new feature, provided at no additional cost, allows clients to send time-sensitive messages via text and email, requesting a return simple or complex response.

Message recipients can respond with simple survey answers or detailed free form text messages, providing decision-makers with important feedback, details, and information instantly.

When a two-way enabled message is sent, recipients receive a custom shortened URL directing them to a responsive web form with all the available responses displayed.

(What is CodeRED? A high speed emergency notification solution, designed to notify millions of people in minutes. Courtesy of ECN and YouTube)

System users gain visibility via detailed analytics allowing them to view and track all responses, set a pre-defined expiration time for any response, attach documents or pictures as additional details to the message, and enable a simple survey for yes/no responses.

Additionally, system users are able to track the exact responses received for each message sent and determine who has opened the message, when it was delivered, what device type was utilized, and the time stamp of the actual response for prioritization.

If a text response has been enabled, this information is also captured and appears within the detailed analytics.

Use cases for two-way messaging are vast and virtually unlimited. First responders and government agencies can use this feature to receive field updates and track personnel who are on route or arriving to address an incident.

(The CodeRED emergency notification system is a reliable and trusted emergency notification system that gives public safety officials the ability to send emergency information via phone calls, text messages, emails, social media messages, IPAWS, RSS, website widgets and through the public safety alerting application, CodeRED Mobile Alert. Courtesy of ECN and YouTube)

This allows agencies to more efficiently fulfill overtime shifts and respond to rapidly changing events. Community leaders can contact residents using the simple survey feature to take quick polls on any variety of referendums or community events.

Businesses can gather opinions from employees on a variety of topics, collect RSVPs for company trainings or functions, or use the feature to fulfill open shifts and staffing mandates. The applications for this feature can significantly impact the way government officials and business leaders engage and collaborate with critical stakeholders.

David DiGiacomo, President and CEO of ECN
David DiGiacomo, President and CEO of ECN

“With the expanding need for emergency and mass communications becoming increasingly more necessary across government agencies and businesses, ECN is constantly evaluating the needs of our clients and finding new ways to enhance the suite of life-saving and time-saving products we offer,” said David DiGiacomo, President of ECN.

“While working closely with emergency managers, safety directors, IT managers and business leaders to solve real world problems, we have identified the need for easy to use two-way messaging capabilities.”

“With the use of a custom shortened URL and a responsive web interface, we have enhanced traditional text messaging to provide our clients with the most universal and technologically advanced solutions on the market.”

Two-way messaging is just one example of the inventive way ECN continues to push the evolution of alerting forward and create simple feature-rich technology solutions so clients can optimize and streamline their critical communications.

It is this forward-thinking approach to emergency and mass communications that has served as the company’s mission since day one and has earned ECN recognition as a 2016 CIO recipient.


ECN is the largest global provider of managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based critical communications and emergency notification systems, managing fourteen (14) customized statewide solutions – the most in the market.

For two decades, ECN has revolutionized high-speed notification services capable of reaching millions of people in minutes through its flagship solution, CodeRED.

This multimodal solution is designed for government agencies to quickly and reliably deliver emergency and general geo-specific notifications to residents and employees via multiple devices, including the nation’s most downloaded public safety notification app – the CodeRED Mobile Alert app.