Elbit to Supply US Navy with Line-of-Sight HDTS with CCIP (Learn More)

Elbit Systems of America, Winner of the 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Platinum Award for Best Federal Government Security Program, has been awarded an ID/IQ contract for approximately $50 million by the U.S. Navy to provide Helmet Display and Tracker Systems (HDTS) with the Continuously Computed Impact Point (CCIP) algorithm for the MH-60S.

The work will be performed in Fort Worth, Texas, and completed by June 2021. An initial order of approximately $14.2 million was received.

This award represents the Navy’s first production order for the line-of-sight helmet tracking system, and the integration of targeting symbology in the Armed Helicopter Weapon System (AHWS) for the MH-60S fleet.


(Take a closer look at a helmet display and tracker system used on the V-22 Osprey by the Elbit Systems at Sea-Air-Space conference. Courtesy of Military Zone and YouTube)

Raanan Horowitz, president and chief executive officer of Elbit Systems of America

“Elbit Systems of America is strategically focused on delivering capabilities that aircrews can trust to increase mission effectiveness,” said Raanan Horowitz, president and chief executive officer of Elbit Systems of America.

“The HDTS and CCIP are prime examples of our advanced display and targeting solutions that give aircrews a decisive edge during critical missions.”

The advanced technology of the helmet and processor provides pilots and crews with line-of-sight tracking to improve interaction with the flight navigation system, enhance pilot and co-pilot situational awareness, and increase the accuracy of weapons delivery.

The HDTS systems includes day/night helmet mounted displays that provide full color symbology.

(Learn More about Elbit Systems aircrew helmet technologies, courtesy of Elbit Systems and YouTube)

This allows pilots to keep “heads-up, eyes out” while also seeing key flight information. With the new systems, flight crews know exactly where the pilots are looking and where they are pointing the weapons.

In addition, the advanced processor allows a weapon impact symbol to be continuously displayed on the pilot’s and crew’s visors for improved deployment accuracy. To learn more, visit www.elbitsystems-us.com.

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