Endeavor & Leidos Team Up for Life-Saving EOD Robotic Systems (Video)

Endeavor Robotics, the US-based leader in ground robotics for defense, first responders, and the nuclear industry, has submitted a formal proposal response for the AEODRS Increment 2 Tactical Operations System (TOS) & Increment 3 Base/Infrastructure Operations (BIOS) Variants.

Teamed with Leidos, Endeavor aligns a dozen U.S-based capability module providers who will develop and deliver the lowest-risk and best-value robotic systems for the United States’ warfighter.

(See the full Endeavor Robotics product line performing callouts alongside public safety professionals, from bomb techs to SWAT operators, who use our robots to protect life and property. Courtesy of Endeavor Robotics and YouTube)

“We assembled the best team to deliver AEODRS systems on-time, on-budget, and on-point,” said Sean Bielat, CEO, Endeavor Robotics.

“The Endeavor-Leidos Team blends our suc­cessful robotic systems integrator experience with the country’s largest technology solutions provider.”

Sean Bielat, a former U.S. Marine officer, and CEO of Endeavor Robotics
Sean Bielat, a former U.S. Marine officer, and CEO of Endeavor Robotics

“Combined, we provide a seasoned team with over 60 years of progressive industry leadership and experience and the demonstrated design, development and integration expertise to deliver the next generation of life-saving robotic systems.”

Endeavor, formerly the Defense and Security division of iRobot Corporation, has supported deployed EOD techni­cians since 2002.

As the leading Department of Defense (DoD) robot provider, Endeavor responded to urgent needs and saved lives by rapidly developing, producing, and supporting thousands of robots used to counter enemy explosives.

Endeavor worked directly with EOD technicians in theater and with program managers to understand the EOD concept of operations and to deliver the best robots in the shortest time to keep up with evolving threats.

“In creating our AEODRS solutions we engaged over 70 robotic technology providers across the defense and commercial industries. After a rigorous process, we down-selected to the most optimal vendors that will provide the best value while ensuring on-time delivery and performance,” continued Bielat.

“Through this process we achieved a small business participation of over 50%, significantly higher than the requested 30% requirement. Our resulting Inc 2&3 systems meet 100% of all threshold requirements and a significant amount of the objective requirements.”

(Endeavor’s 710 Kobra recently participated in the Army Warfighter Assessment (AWA) at Fort Bliss, TX. Courtesy of Endeavor Robotics and YouTube)

Endeavor is proud that their tactical robots are designed by Americans and manufactured in the U.S.A. The AEODRS Program will be a great facilitator of American jobs.

Endeavor Robotics brings an established leadership team with decades of experience integrating ground robotic systems, and the best roboticists who collaborate with end-users to develop robots for worldwide markets which operate in areas of conflict and in response to natural disasters.

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(Endeavor Robotics CEO Sean Bielat and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective Rod Wheeler on the use of robots by law enforcement. Courtesy of Endeavor Robotics and YouTube)

Everyday our robots protect our service men and women from IEDs, hazardous materials and other deadly threats.

 Endeavor Robotics

Endeavor Robotics specializes in delivering and supporting battle-hardened and adaptable robotics. We are committed to design, develop and manufacture tactical robotics in the United States, and to work with industry leaders and government partners to deliver innovative, reliable, and the easiest to operate robot solutions.

Endeavor’s robots serve on the front lines around the world.