Engility ENnovation Centers of Excellence for Strategic Capabilities

Engility has established five ENnovation Centers (EC) to develop advanced solutions for customers throughout the industry’s most cutting-edge growth areas, including agile software development, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber, high performance computing (HPC), and modeling and simulation.

Engility CEO Lynn Dugle

Through these ENnovation Centers, Engility brings trusted capabilities, innovative solutions and renowned experts to better serve our customers and programs across the world.

The ENnovation Centers are powered by teams of experts who bring cutting-edge engineering, deep knowledge of market domain, and grit and determination to solve our customers’ challenges.

The purpose of the centers is to leverage employees’ deep domain knowledge and ingenuity to solve the Federal government’s toughest challenges.

“Government agencies have relied on Engility to turn ideas into real-world solutions,” said Lynn Dugle, Engility CEO.

Gay Porter, vice president of Engility Technical Solutions Group
Gay Porter, vice president of Engility Technical Solutions Group

“By concentrating our subject matter and technical expertise under these ENnovation Centers, our customers have easier access to the resources needed to apply today’s solutions and test tomorrow’s technologies.”

Engility’s ENnovation Centers consist of virtually-networked experts with cutting-edge tools.

“Our goal is to expand the ENnovation Centers as new technologies arise and the government’s challenges and opportunities evolve,” added Gay Porter, vice president of Engility’s Technical Solutions Group.

Agile DevOps ENnovation Center 

As the pace of technology advancements continues to accelerate, it is imperative for government agencies and military services to apply proven agile software development expertise.

Using tools and processes that streamline, automate and improve the development process, the Agile DevOps EC helps customers significantly reduce costs, increase efficiencies, improve security and enhance the user experience.

Agile DevOps ENnovation Center 
Agile DevOps ENnovation Center

Key Capabilities

  • Application development
  • Business process modeling and requirements analysis
  • User interface/user experience design
  • System integration and web services development
  • Software testing: automation, database validation, end-to-end

Artificial Intelligence (AI) ENnovation Center

Engility’s AI EC empowers customers by delivering ways to accelerate, automate and augment manual processes, quickly turning data into actionable intelligence.

An example of a solution that the AI EC offers is Synthetic AnalystTM, a proprietary AI model that can enhance any mission with low-risk, low-cost integration of data and analytics.

Engility Artificial Intelligence (AI) ENnovation Center
Engility Artificial Intelligence (AI) ENnovation Center

Key Capabilities

    • Synthetic AnalystTM: Engility’s proprietary AI model, which enables low-risk, low-cost integration of data and analytics. It is the first AI system that is simultaneously mission-specific and general (it can be used for any mission).
    • Impact-driven development (ID2): Our high-speed, low-overhead methodology for algorithm design that drives the swift testing on mission use cases
    • Methodology engineering: Our techniques and principles enable advanced analytics on challenging datasets

Cyber ENnovation Center

The Cyber EC delivers proven offensive and defensive cybersecurity toolsets, processes and engineers that provide customers with resilient and effective systems to protect and support our customers’ missions.

Our experts help customers address security requirements, from developing secure systems to providing vulnerability assessments on existing systems.

Engility Cyber ENnovation Center
Engility Cyber ENnovation Center

Key Capabilities

  • Vulnerability assessment (VA)
  • Secure systems engineering and architecture
  • Boundary defense, network monitoring and threat detection
  • Cyber independent verification and validation (IV&V)
  • Cybersecurity policy and guidance
  • Cyber training and certifications, including red team-blue team exercises
  • Cyber Hunt

High Performance Computing (HPC) ENnovation Center

Engility continues to drive the development of new approaches for HPC solutions.

Whether it is big data analysis using high performance data analytics (HPDA) or emerging disruptive technologies such as exascale and quantum computers, Engility’s EC delivers leading-edge insights from academia and industry to leverage HPC to enhance scientific advancements.

Engility High Performance Computing (HPC) ENnovation Center

Key Capabilities

  • HPC requirements development
  • Architecture design and development
  • Disruptive Technology Assessment Process (DTAP) and execution for emerging technologies such as exascale and quantum computers
  • Hardware and software code optimization techniques, methods and procedures
  • Operations planning and scheduling
  • HPC Community collaboration

Modeling and Simulation ENnovation Center

Modeling and simulation solutions deliver a win-win, cost-effective method to safely and efficiently conduct testing and evaluation.

From dynamic modeling and analysis capabilities to integrated live, virtual and constructive (LVC) simulations, Engility offers this EC as a “test bed” for everything modeling and simulation.

Engility Modeling and Simulation ENnovation Center
Engility Modeling and Simulation ENnovation Center

Key Capabilities

  • Dynamic modeling, simulation and analysis capabilities through the full systems engineering and integration life cycle, from technology concept development all the way to training and operations support
  • Simulation integration framework for the rapid integration, evaluation and testing of hardware-, software- and human-in-the-loop concepts and prototypes
  • Integrated live, virtual and constructive (LVC) simulation elements
  • Embedded expert system for development and evaluation of evolving technologies
  • A simulation environment designed to allow seamless integration and assured interoperability