ER Partners with StreetWise for Fire & EMS Agencies (Multi-Video)

Emergency Reporting (ER), a leading provider of Fire & EMS records management software, is partnering with StreetWise response software, a leading producer of enroute software solutions.

“The great thing about Emergency Reporting’s Platform is that, while we provide our customers with everything they need to run their agencies, our partners tie in other capabilities that meet the unique needs of each agency,” said David Nokes, Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances, Emergency Reporting.

“It makes our system uniquely customizable, simple to plug in to the other software an agency is already utilizing, and highly flexible so that it fits the needs of everyone from volunteer to large career departments.”

(See an overview of Emergency Reporting Fire & EMS Software. Courtesy of Emergency Reporting and YouTube)

This integration will provide users of Emergency Reporting with the ability to link their ER data with StreetWise CADlink tablet-based MDT software, StreetWise Responder smartphone apps, and the StreetWise Station SmartBoards.

With the interface, users will have access to:

  • Full-featured mobile solutions with accurate incident mapping using unique three-stage location verification
  • Live unit tracking and speed monitoring (AVL)
  • Live area traffic and weather conditions
  • Hydrant locations
  • Customizable map points
  • Device-to-device messaging, status buttons and more.

Incident location, type and all apparatus status timestamps import into the NFIRS report in ER instantly, saving responders a huge amount of time.

(Firefighters deserve response software that’s designed for them! Courtesy of StreetWise CADlink and YouTube)

And all StreetWise products share response data, so everyone, everywhere always knows the location and status of every responder, regardless of whether it’s apparatus or individual smartphone.

StreetWise CADlink also provides ER customers with enroute access to full NFPA 1620 preplans, with both creation and display capabilities, even if they’re offline.

Phil Kouwe, President of Hangar 14 Solutions
Phil Kouwe, President of Hangar 14 Solutions

Existing ER occupancy data can be turned into feature-rich preplans that are easily accessible during the response with just one click.

“StreetWise and Emergency Reporting are such a great fit and solve a host of issues for clients,” said Phil Kouwe, President of Hanger 14 Solutions.

“Our customers are thrilled to have an integration that places live, real-time data from the response and command software directly into the incident report in records management software.”

“With even more data integration coming in the future, this is going to be a great opportunity for fire departments to up their technology game.”