Firearms Manufacturer & DoD Contractor Selects BIO-key Solution

BIO-key International, has been selected by a global firearms manufacturer and Department of Defense (DoD) contractor to deliver a secure, convenient and compliant biometric authentication solution for access to workstations and kiosk’s within their manufacturing facilities.

Organizations operating in highly regulated industries are required to meet NIST SP800-171 multi-factor compliance guidelines for accessing unclassified government documents and applications online.

The compliance guidelines impact all government contractors and subcontractors with an implementation deadline of December 31, 2017. BIO-key’s biometric authentication solutions meet these requirements.

(BIO-key International, Inc., an innovative provider of biometric software and hardware solutions for strong and convenient user authentication. Courtesy of BIO-key and YouTube)

BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows and PIV-PRO, a FIPS 140-2 certified fingerprint reader, enable this customer to deploy multi-factor biometric authentication to increase online security while delivering the ease and convenience of one-touch authentication.

Barbara Rivera, COO, BIO-key
Barbara Rivera, COO, BIO-key

“Government and other highly regulated industries are finding fingerprint biometric authentication to be the least invasive and most cost effective way to address the NIST SP800-171 multi-factor requirement,” stated Barbara Rivera, COO, BIO-key.

“Government and C-level IT executives are recognizing that smart cards are costly and hard to manage, tokens and PINs are disruptive and negatively impact workflow, and passwords have proven cumbersome and ineffective.”

“Fingerprint authentication emerges as the fastest, most secure and most convenient option when organizations and individuals measure the performance and utilization preferences of various authentication methods.”

(SideSwipe is a durable, mobile, high quality USB fingerprint reader that operates on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 enabling customers to utilize the Windows Hello biometric sign-in platform. Courtesy of BIO-key and YouTube)

BIO-key is revolutionizing security and authentication with convenient, secure and cost effective biometric solutions that protect devices, data and financial transactions.

BIO-key solutions eliminate passwords, PINs, tokens and cards, making it easy for enterprises to implement enhanced security for devices and information in the cloud.

BIO-key’s patented software algorithms and premium finger scanning devices, including SideTouch, SideSwipe, and EcoID offer market-leading quality, performance and price.

New products launching mid-2017 include TouchLock™, biometric enabled padlocks, FreePass™, a portable/wearable fingerprint reader and Q-180Touch, a new micro USB fingerprint reader targeted for Android devices.