FireIce Fire Prevention Campaign to Minimize Hot Work Accidents (Video)

FireIce Solutions, the exclusive distributor of FireIce® and FireIce Shield® for municipal fire, police and EMS departments in the United States, is rolling out the Stop the Loss® fire prevention campaign.

The Stop the Loss™ slogan was created by FireIce Solutions to highlight the use of GelTech’s FireIce Shield® products to prevent hot work fires before they start.

(See FireIce in Action! Courtesy of FireIce Solutions and YouTube)

According to the September 2016 National Fire Protection Association Report by Marty Ahrens, “Structure Fires Started by Hot Work,” there were 12 deaths and 208 injuries that were the direct result of hot work incidents in 2015, the most recent year for which data is available.

These incidents also led to direct property damage of $287 million dollars.

“Wherever someone strikes an arc, is using a torch or creating sparks with a grinder, that’s where FireIce Shield® can Stop the Loss™,” explained Gerry Kennedy, Head of Industrials at FireIce Solutions.

“While FireIce is great at putting out fires, we know that FireIce Shield® can play an equally important role by preventing a fire from starting in the first place.”

(Learn More. Courtesy of FireIce Solutions and YouTube)

“Damages from devastating fires started during hot work operations result in the unimaginable loss of life, hundreds of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage every year,” continued Mr. Kennedy.

“Improved safety will yield immediate results for workers, innocent bystanders, and the first responders who put their lives at risk every day.”

“In addition, the Stop the Loss™ methodology will have a positive impact on business interruption and property loss insurance premiums.”

“We commend FireIce Solutions’ development of the Stop the Loss™ fire prevention campaign to highlight the fact that every person performing hot work has the opportunity to prevent property loss by pretreating with FireIce Shield,” said Michael Reger, President of GelTech.

“It is our hope that Stop the Loss™ will bring added awareness thus saving lives and property.”

FireIceFireIce Shield®

FireIce Shield® is available in a versatile array of deployment formats including welding blankets, 32-ounce spray bottles, 2 Liter canisters, 2.5 Gallon canisters, and 55- gallon drums.

Manufactured in the USA by GelTech Solutions, FireIce Shield® is eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive and instantly cools, prevents heat transfer, provides a protective layer for adjacent surfaces and reduces the risk of accidental charring, burning or igniting from hot work activities.

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