Flash of Opportunity at CyberLock

High security access control manufacturers in U.S. introduce FlashLock to expand into residential market.

CyberLock, Inc., the innovator behind the only American made key-centric access control system, announced today the release of a new product designed to put high security access control in the palm of your hand. FlashLock, uses serial optical communications technology combined with any hand-held device with a web browser to give and gain access to any lock retrofitted with the FlashLock system.


FlashLock is highly secure but easy to use. The user can grant one-time access or multi-day access via permissions sent by text or email. Once the person needing entry accesses the link, the hand-held device will flash. This tells them they are allowed to access this FlashLock. They hold the phone to the lock and the lock will flash. Turn the lock and entry is granted. If the homeowner wants to change or remove permissions, there is a user-friendly, web-based interface to make those changes at any time. No need to worry about lost or stolen keys or poor security due to hidden keys around the home. With FlashLock, your hand held device is your key.

“We are excited to put high security access control into the hands of residential consumers. The applications for FlashLock are limitless,” says FlashLock creator, Paul Davis. “We can now provide a solution for residential or vacation homes, college dorms, apartments, hotels, churches, and more. FlashLock allows owners of residential facilities to control who enters what space at what time.”


Tammy Davis, President of CyberLock, had this to say, “The real perk of FlashLock is that it is different than current solutions in the market because there is no Bluetooth pairing or app to download. This not only saves time, but also doesn’t drain your device’s battery. That makes FlashLock much more reliable. We feel the introduction of this product to the residential market will change the way consumers think about home security.”

About CyberLock

CyberLock, Inc., is part of the Videx family of companies with roots dating back to 2000 when the first CyberLock branded electronic locks and smart keys were introduced to the market. Videx, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing innovative electronics since the company was founded in Corvallis, Oregon in 1979. In 2013, CyberLock, Inc. was spun off as an independent company but maintains strong ties to Videx. The companies continue to collaborate on future innovations.

To find out more about FlashLock and how the system works, contact sales@cyberlock.com, call 541-738-5500 or watch our product video at http://www.cyberlock.com/flashlock/fl_video1.mp4.