FLIR FC- Series ID in AST Homeland Security Awards (Video)

The FC-Series ID delivers best-in-class thermal image detail with edge analytics in a single device that delivers optimal intrusion detection in challenging environments and extreme conditions.

The camera features easy to create custom trip wires and regions of interest.

It’s also capable of determining human or vehicle intrusions, to reduce the number of false alarms.

The FC-Series ID camera sees clearly in complete darkness, without any illumination, in bright sunlight, through smoke, dust or even light fog.

As a result, the FC-Series ID provides around-the-clock intrusion protection regardless of lighting and environmental conditions.

(FLIR Systems FC-Series ID thermal imaging cameras combine built-in analytics for high performance intrusion detection, industry-leading image quality designed for high-end commercial users and an expanded selection of high-performance lenses to suit a wide range of applications. Courtesy of FLIR Systems and YouTube)

With the FC-Series ID camera, you can set custom trip lines and regions of interest that will only trigger alarms for human or vehicular intruders.
With the FC-Series ID camera, you can set custom trip lines and regions of interest that will only trigger alarms for human or vehicular intruders.

High Performance Intrusion Detection

Reliable On-Board Analytics With a Very Low False-Alarm Rate

  • Auto calibration for depth setup for a simple and reliable configuration.
  • No additional measurement tools are needed, requiring only a single installer on site
  • Allows analytics in corridor mode, reducing the number of cameras and improving the total cost of ownership
  • Manual and automatic masking of area in the scene
On-board analytics for high-performance intrusion detection.
On-board analytics for high-performance intrusion detection.

Industry-Leading Image Quality

Crisp, Clean Imagery for Unmatched Video Analytics Performance & Reliability

  • Superior image quality in low-contrast conditions
  • FLIR’s custom AGCs provide unmatched image contrast
  • Dynamic Detail Enhancement (DDE) creates sharp edges and contrast that improve analytics performance

Expanded Selection of High-Performance Lenses

Wide Variety of Lenses for Optimal Detection Ranges in All Conditions

  • Choose lenses from 44 degrees (13mm) to 8 (VGA) / 4 (QVGA) degrees (75mm), suitable for any perimeter or open area
  • High performance optics deliver crisp, clean thermal video
  • Optional deicing for use in the most demanding installations
  • High analytic ranges to reduce number of cameras and total cost of ownership (TCO)

(The FC-Series R, courtesy of FLIR Systems and YouTube)

FLIR FC-Series R

Fixed Network Thermal Cameras

The FC-Series R features on-board, non-contact temperature measurement capabilities for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of substations, waste disposal, and valuable equipment.

FC-Series R combines state-of-the-art image detail and on-board video analytics.

FC-Series R provides reliable detection and flexible alarming options by email, web and mobile apps, edge image storage, digital outputs, or VMS event notifications.

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Good luck to FLIR FC-Series ID on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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