Fort Myers Police Select NC4 Street Smart to Help Fight Crime

Chief Derrick Diggs, Fort Myers Police Department
Chief Derrick Diggs, Fort Myers Police Department

NC4, an innovator in law enforcement technology, has been selected by the Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD), NC4 Street Smart to help in their fight against crime.

With the installation of Street Smart, the 206 sworn officers of the FMPD will be equipped with the sophisticated technology and critical resources they need to reduce crime and contribute to the safety of the community.

The FMPD protects a population of over 77,000 residents and is the county seat and commercial center of Lee County, Florida.

Street Smart will help the department provide safety and security to its residents by providing a daily-use crime-fighting solution that arms police officers with critical real-time data, while patrolling their community.

The solution will allow the department to stay apprised of activities and to collaborate using situation-based bulletins, secure blogs, and case management tools that optimize the sharing of crime-related information in order to pinpoint crimes, patterns, and incidents.

Chief Derrick Diggs, Fort Myers Police Department
Chief Derrick Diggs, Fort Myers Police Department

“Community partnership is vital to our efforts to reduce and solve crime,” said Derrick Diggs, Chief of the Fort Myers Police Department.

“We continue to engage community stakeholders and our law enforcement partners in our efforts to reduce crime and to bring justice to victims and their family members.”

“Our community will benefit from our partnership with NC4 and this technology, when deployed, will give our officers real-time data that is crucial to preventing and solving crime.”

Officers no longer need to rely on a roll call board, information on notepads, meeting takeaways, etc.

Crime data can be in one common operating picture that is updated around the clock.

Having information readily available helps solve crimes more quickly, which will also help reduce criminal activity.

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NC4 Street Smart provides law enforcement organizations a powerful suite of tools that includes the following:

  • NC4 Crime Connector™

    • Xollects data about people, places, activities and assets and puts it in one place
  • Crime-Fighting Blog

    • Provides a backbone for collaborative problem solving and brings information to an officer’s attention days or weeks faster than traditional methods
  • Bulletin Management

    • Centralizes information in one location, in near real time, delivering important bulletins to officers in the field
  • Map Viewer

    • Provides instant visualization of crime patterns in a specific location by displaying color-coded dots that show reported crimes and the locations where they were committed
  • Case Management

    • Provides officers with an on-line notebook where information is passed from shift-to-shift and from cycle-to-cycle in real-time
  • Data Feeds

    • Provides the ability to analyze data to draw conclusions that result in actionable items that reduce crime
  • Historical Crime

    • Allows historical crime records to be imported which allows officers to identify patterns and threats around validated crimes
  • Offender/Juvenile/Home Detention Data

    • This feature allows officers to look up known offenders in a localized area, saving them the time of having to do a full scale search
  • CAD Data

    • Allows CAD records to be created which provides officers with analytical trends
  • Intel and Street Check Data Type

    • Gives users the ability to capture data that seems important, but may not correlate to any specific CAD records
  • Repeatable Controls

    • Allows officers to manage crime more efficiently by allowing them to look up various elements of a crime scene with a click of a button
  • Full API

    • Allows easy integration into third party or home grown RMS and CAD systems
  • Localization

    • The interface is configurable, allowing it to be readily usable for a wide range of languages and cultures
  • Advanced Search

    • Allows a user to search for any previously entered data point in the solution and to sort that data, providing an additional mechanism to parse data effectively

FMPD will utilize NC4 Street Smart to streamline their efforts across the department by providing officers with continuously updated crime maps, bulletins, and the ability to share relevant information quickly, maximizing policing effectiveness.

This will help lead to more accurate and timely arrests and increased safety for officers and citizens.

The cities that have been using Street Smart report double-digit reductions in crime and decreases from the time of an incident to the time of arrest.

Rob Wolf, VP, NC4 Public Safety
Rob Wolf, VP, NC4 Public Safety

“We are excited that another agency in Florida will be using Street Smart to fight crime,” said Rob Wolf, Vice President, NC4 Public Safety.

“This solution will help officers in Fort Myers provide more effective and efficient law enforcement services to its residents.”

NC4 delivers safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations, by revolutionizing how organizations and communities collect, manage, share and disseminate information to reduce cyber threats, fight crime, mitigate risks, and manage incidents.

NC4 also provides cyber threat sharing solutions both through secure collaboration services and recently (via Soltra Edge), through automated, structured, and standardized (STIX/TAXII) mechanisms.

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NC4 takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to safety and security by providing: cyber threat exchanges that drive the development of a sharing culture and circles of trust; global security and travel intelligence, analysis, traveler tracking, and relevant real time threat alerting to mitigate enterprise risks and a common operating picture for fighting crime and managing emergencies.