G4S Secure Integration Relaunches the Adesta Brand

G4S has relaunched the Adesta brand as a subsidiary of G4S Secure Integration.

Adesta, a G4S company acquired in 2009 and integrated into the G4S brand portfolio, will be focused on end-to-end life cycle telecommunication projects. 

Adesta integrates some of the most complex communications systems in the industry, and holds expertise in state and local government networks, fiber to the home, broadband and intelligent transport systems (ITS). 

Over the last 30 years, the company designed and built numerous communication networks throughout the United States and earned a reputation as one of the nation’s top communication systems integrators.

Industry forecasts indicate that mobile data and internet traffic will quadruple in the next three years as devices and applications skyrocket.

As wireless carriers invest in infrastructure such as wireless towers, small cells and fiber, the need for skilled service and support will also increase in capacity to meet this demand, bringing expanded opportunities to Adesta and G4S.

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The decision to bring back the Adesta brand name is well timed, according to Frank Cirone, President G4S Secure Integration.

“With the recent successes in our business, coupled with the increased market activity and infrastructure spending, Adesta is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for data networks,” Cirone said. 

Adesta maintains deep project and service relationships with public and private entities and owns delivery capabilities across the U.S.

With its expertise in design, engineering, construction, maintenance and operations, Adesta is firmly established for continued success with a skilled organization of qualified managers and technicians to advance this business.

G4S Secure Integration is a market-leading systems integrator who brings innovative, flexible and cost-efficient thinking to the design, construction and maintenance of stand-alone or integrated communication networks and security systems.

G4S Secure Integration has designed and deployed thousands of complex security systems for utilities, municipalities, federal, state, local government agencies, healthcare providers, corporations and higher education.

G4S Secure Integration has several extended center of excellence capabilities, including design and engineering, technology and managed services. 

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