Genetec Security Center 5.6 for a Unified Security Platform (… More)

Genetec, a leading provider of open architecture security and public safety solutions, has released its unified security platform Security Center 5.6, which is now available globally.

With the latest release of the unified platform, the user experience is simplified, new access control and video integrations are available, and we’ve tightly coupled access control and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

Get a fluid web experience, no matter your location. Now embedded within the platform, deploy and manage unified web access with greater ease.

(Security Center is Genetec’s unified security platform that seamlessly blends IP security surveillance systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your operations. Courtesy of Genetec and YouTube)

Key enhancements include additional cybersecurity measures, a new HTML5-based web client, integration of SimonsVoss electronic locks and the Mercury Security MS Bridge, and the ability to enroll license plates as access control credentials with the AutoVu SharpV camera.

SimonsVoss SmartIntego Digital Locks
SimonsVoss SmartIntego Digital Locks

All Genetec™ Advantage subscribers will receive this update as part of the Genetec™ Lifecycle Management program.

Customers under Genetec™ Assurance can contact Genetec Inside Sales to purchase an upgrade.


Version 5.6 stays consistent with the Genetec commitment for cybersecurity and ‘hardening’ measures and standards which address the changing nature of cyber threats and hazards.

With advanced authentication, authorization and encryption technologies in Security Center 5.6, Genetec remains dedicated to protect organizations, security systems, their people, data and assets.

New Web Client and Improved Maps

Plan Manager is a module of Security Center offering interactive and graphical mapping to better visualize and manage security environments.
Plan Manager is a module of Security Center offering interactive and graphical mapping to better visualize and manage security environments.

The Security Center Web Client has been redesigned with HTML5 to offer users a more fluid and modern web experience. The Web Client ensures Security Center is accessible from any device or browser.

With Genetec™ Plan Manager, operators can now monitor the live status of intrusion areas. Embedded support for ESRI ArcGIS software adds rich layers of visual data so organizations benefit from greater context and insights of their surroundings.

Access Control

Mercury Security MS Bridge
Mercury Security MS Bridge

Having recently become a Mercury Security Platinum Elite partner, Security Center 5.6 introduces a new integration with the Mercury MS Bridge to help end users migrate from proprietary or ‘integrated’ access control systems to a fully unified security platform.

Always expanding its ecosystem of access control hardware partners, Genetec has also integrated the SimonsVoss family of digital locks, and added a technology and distribution partnership with STid, a manufacturer of RFID contactless door readers.

Extending Access Control to the Parking Lot

AutoVu, the automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system in Security Center, lets end users extend their security coverage beyond the physical building and to their parking lots, parking decks and property perimeters.

With the release of Security Center 5.6, the new AutoVu SharpV ALPR camera can be enrolled as an access control reader managed by the Synergis™ Cloud Link appliance.

(AutoVu, the license plate recognition system of Security Center, is unified with video surveillance, access control and third-party systems. Courtesy of Genetec and YouTube)

This allows operators to manage vehicle activity without impeding vehicle flow. And, by assigning a license plate to a cardholder as a credential, users can define specific access rights, control vehicle access to their parking lots, and run vehicle activity reports.

For more information about Genetec Security Center 5.6 and for a full list of features, visit:

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