Giant Gray Launches New Brand at ISC West

Giant Gray, Inc., developers of innovative multi-sensor, artificial cognitive neurolinguistics software that provides enhanced safety, security and operational efficiency to businesses and government agencies across complex, large physical environments, officially launched its new products to market under the Giant Gray brand at ISC West this week.

As a new brand, Giant Gray builds upon more than 10 years of innovative research and development in artificial cognitive neurolinguistics technology that began as Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc./BRS Labs in Houston. Giant Gray’s patented, adaptive and selflearning algorithms “see” anomalies often hidden in oceans of data, bringing to light actionable insights for operators, data analysts, security professionals and other end-users, helping them dramatically improve business operational awareness and incident response – as well as prevent costly interruptions and breakdowns. At the heart of Giant Gray’s technology is its Graydient platform, with applications in industrial (Graydient-S for SCADA/ICS), physical security and surveillance (Graydient-V for Video Analytics), cyber security environments (Graydient-C for Cyber Security), and forensics (Graydient-F for SCADA Forensic historical data analysis). Giant Gray is headquartered in Houston, with a regionalized sales and engineering presence around the globe.

Giant Gray is an industry leader in machine learning and the creator of Graydient, the first Cognitive Neurolinguistics AI System.

“We’re now bringing to market an exciting, comprehensive, multi-sensor solution in Graydient with a number of broad-based applications across a number of business lines,” said Giant Gray President and CEO Steve S. Sulgrove. “We thought our next-generation approach to our products beyond BRS Labs deserved the energy and excitement of a new name, as well as a new strategic direction moving our company forward into the next decade of product innovation.”

The Graydient platform is designed for the big data and “Internet of Things” vision, supporting businesses and government agencies of all sizes across a range of industries. Graydient helps reduce costs and simplify usage and maintenance by teaching itself from observing data – and it excels at detecting the unexpected and providing improved context across an enterprise by correlating various, disconnected data sources often siloed within business lines. When anomalous activity occurs, Graydient issues an alert, providing real-time insights that allow customers to make operational adjustments before the early-warning signals grow into true incidents that impact safety, security and business operations.


Scalable and easily integrated into and compatible with current monitoring systems, Graydient addresses limitations of existing machine learning analytics and monitoring technologies without requiring predefined rules, models, custom programming or data analytics expertise. Graydient also stands apart from traditional machine learning analytics with its artificial cognitive neurolinguistics approach, meaning it creates a custom language to describe the data from scratch and is not limited to primitive, baseline behavior models from the start. This patented approach to identifying the subtle, unpredictable and often-overlooked blips in the data stream that serve as early indicators to potential incidents, is the Giant Gray difference.

“We are confident that the new Giant Gray brand will be a powerful, enduring brand indicative of the forward-thinking, next-generation products of our company,” Mr. Sulgrove said.

To learn more about Giant Gray and the Gradient platform, visit the company website here.