HESCO Sponsor Zombie Invitational Shooting Competition (Multi-Video)

This year’s HESCO 2017 Zombie Invitational is a precision rifle, pistol and shotgun match with a twist – a two day Recon-style precision rifle, pistol and shotgun competition open only to qualified, respected, and experienced military, law enforcement, and security professionals.

Zombie InvitationalThe Zombie Invitational begins with the premise of an outbreak of the Zomboxococcus Bacteria.

The competitors are positioned as “grass-roots contingent” created to try to control the outbreak and stop it from rapidly spreading out of control.

If you can’t deal with the Zombie thing, fine! It’s a theme. Get over yourself.

It adds some interesting elements to the stage instructions. That’s it.

Oh, and a lot of lime green spray paint.

(See highlights from the 2016 ZOMBIE INVITATIONAL. Courtesy of Zombie Invitational and YouTube)

Besides, Lycan Invitational sounds lame, requires hand loading solid silver bullets, canine shaped targets, blah blah blah.

Zombie InvitationalHead shots people. Head shots for Zombies.

So, it was, is and always will be PC to discriminate against Zombies.

The event is individually timed but run as teams with 6 stages on Saturday and 5 stages on Sunday.

Because this event is run by former Military and Law Enforcement, you can be sure that the Zombies have a sporting chance if you aren’t fully prepared, concentrating and ready for anything.

Because of the unpredictable nature of a Zombie outbreak, we run this in the Recon style of modified 3 Gun matches. You’ll need a SHTF Bag, Ammo, and firearms.

(See ‘Highlights from my weekend at the Zombie Invitational. Great comp, great weekend, looking forward to 2K17!’ Courtesy of Dillinger13 and YouTube)

And, again, for those individuals who are too cool to participate in the “Zombie Phenomenon,” this is a unique and challenging event that will hone your precision action shooting skills in a very unique setting.


Zombie Invitational“This event requires that competitors must leave their vehicle with everything they want for the whole event,” says Jeremy Gray, Zombie Invitational co-organizer, to explain the competition.

“There will be no re-supply. The incorporation of the Zombie theme adds time elements to the stages, intricate and unique shooting solutions, and head shots.”

“Every stage is cleared only if the targets get a head shot. In most competitions shooters are scored for center mass strikes, therefore current and former Law Enforcement, Military and those civilians with previous competitive experience will find this event incredibly challenging.”

Our facility is an exclusive private training ground with a number of surprises. Located in the deep woods near the Virginia – West Virginia border, training realism is our top goal.

Hesco, an innovator in defense, perimeter protection & security systems, including hostile vehicle mitigation barriers, flood barriers, safe haven bunkers and body armor, has been protecting the men and women of the United States military for fifteen years.
Hesco has been protecting the men and women of the United States military for fifteen years.

Additionally, Hesco was recently recognized as a Superior Supplier and placed in the Commander’s Choice category, by the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for Fiscal Year 2017.

The award shines a spotlight on companies that consistently deliver high quality products, perform above the grade, and pursue new ways to excel in the support of the United States military.

“We pride ourselves on our sponsorship; forming partnerships that offer unique ways we can reach our brand ambassadors, and Hesco is such a great fit for this event,” said Stephanie Victory, CEO Hesco Armor.

Stephanie Victory, Chief Commercial Officer, Hesco Bastion, Inc.
Stephanie Victory, CEO Hesco Armor

“Operated by Military and Law Enforcement veterans, it provides every participant with an extreme challenge not readily found in general competitions.”

“And as a company that manufactures products that ensure the protection of our military and law enforcement we also want to ensure they are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse!”

Over one weekend, participants can cover up to thirty miles of challenging terrain and are able to shoot on one range in a full 360º with live ammunition.

Winners of the competition will receive HESCO Body Armor. Register now at www.zombieinvitational.com

HESCO logoHesco is a world leader and innovator in defense, perimeter protection and security systems, including hostile vehicle mitigation barriers, flood barriers, safe haven bunkers and body armor.

Hesco is synonymous with force protection and is recognized across its industry for its commitment to saving lives, property and the environment, whenever and wherever it is needed.

More about Zombie Invitational: https://www.zombieinvitational.com