HID Crescendo Mobile Smart Card Offers High Security & Convenience

The HID Crescendo Mobile solution provides organizations seeking to eliminate passwords with a solution that combines the high security of physical authenticators with the usability of a mobile solution.
The HID Crescendo Mobile solution provides organizations seeking to eliminate passwords with a solution that combines the high security of physical authenticators with the usability of a mobile solution.

HID Global®, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, and  2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award Winner for Best Cyber Risk Management, is introducing the Crescendo® Mobile smart card; bringing convenience to high security for accessing computer, network or cloud applications.

ASTORS Gold 2018The HID Crescendo Mobile solution provides organizations seeking to eliminate passwords with a solution that combines the high security of physical authenticators with the usability of a mobile solution.

The new HID Crescendo mobile smart card utilizes digital certificates on users’ mobile devices for client authentication and works similarly to, and is compatible with, highly secure Crescendo smart cards.

However, rather than inserting a separate device into a contact smart card reader, the new Crescendo mobile smart card connects to a desktop computer via an NFC (near-field communication) reader or Bluetooth.

“End users and IT personnel alike have been clamoring for a highly secure solution for enabling secure access to networked assets that can utilize what people are already carrying, namely their mobile devices,” explains Brad Jarvis, Vice President & Managing Director, IAM Solutions, with HID Global.

Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director of the IAM Solutions business with HID Global
Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director of the IAM Solutions business with HID Global

“A key to ensuring security protocols are followed is to ensure that they are as easy to use as possible.”

“The ubiquity of mobile phones, tablets and the like make them an obvious choice to become part of the security system.”

Just as convenience is added to the user experience, the deployment of HID Crescendo Mobile is simple.

The Crescendo Mobile app can be downloaded onto Android or iOS devices and the IT team can distribute secure cryptographic credentials to users without the need or expense of shipping smart cards or smart card readers.

The solution is particularly cost-effective to deploy for contractors and remote users.

HID Crescendo Mobile benefits in day-to-day usage scenarios include:

  • Allowing a user to log on and unlock a Windows workstation to access cloud applications, VPNs, desktop applications and Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Importantly, when the user walks away, Crescendo Mobile App automatically locks the workstation down.
  • End users can use their phone to carry the keys and digital certificates needed to digitally sign email, Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat documents.
  • Ensure sensitive data confidentiality by requiring the phone to access encrypted email messages or files using Windows EFS file encryption.

The Crescendo Mobile app is available for Android 7 or later in Google Play and for iOS 11 or later in iTunes App Store.

The HID Crescendo Mobile App provides strong multi-factor authentication to cloud applications, VPNs, desktops, and Microsoft Active Directory.

The Crescendo Mobile App can be downloaded to Android or iOS devices and behaves as a regular PKI smart card with no need for specific middleware—protecting the user’s digital certificates, private keys and other credentials.

The Crescendo Mobile App works on personal smartphones and tablets, and it is fast and cost effective to deploy—particularly for contractors or remote workers.

Customers already using the ActivID Credential Management System (CMS) and Crescendo physical smart cards can extend the reach of their current deployment to serve user groups for whom a physical card may not be a suitable alternative.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced Security

    • Crescendo Mobile uses digital certificates protected by a PIN to guarantee a high level of trust. The use of asymmetric cryptography and a trusted certification authority ensures that credentials are not exposed to theft or cloning.
  • Seamless Compliance

    • In the age of growing regulations requiring strong data protection, Crescendo Mobile simplifies the deployment of credentials ensuring only authorized people can access sensitive data while enabling organizations to prevent data theft.
  • Operational Efficiency

    • Enables organizations to provide instant, secure data access to visitors, temporary employees, remote workforces, etc.

Crescendo Mobile is part of HID’s authentication solution that includes ActivID® Credential Management System, providing full lifecycle management of both the authenticators and the credentials protected by the authenticator.

HID Global Brings Home the Gold in 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

ASTORS Gold 2018HID Global

  • Gold ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner
  • HID Risk Management Solution
  • Best Cyber Risk Management
  • HID Global is also a 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner

HID Global, an ASSA ABLOY Group brand, powers trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things,  making it possible for people to transact safely, work productively and travel freely.

The company’s trusted identity solutions give people convenient access to physical and digital places and connect things that can be identified, verified and tracked digitally.

(See More. Courtesy of HID Global and YouTube. Posted in October 2017.)

Millions of people around the world use HID products and services to navigate their everyday lives, with over 2 billion things connected through HID technology.

The Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program is specifically designed to honor distinguished government and vendor solutions that deliver enhanced value, benefit and intelligence to end users in a variety of government, homeland security and public safety vertical markets.

2018 'ASTORS' Homeland Security Awards Luncheon at ISC East
2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Luncheon at ISC East

The 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program drew an overwhelming response from industry leaders with a record high number of corporate and government nominations received, as well as record breaking ‘ASTORS’ Presentation Luncheon Attendees, with top firms trying to register for the exclusive high – end luncheon and networking opportunity – right up to the event kickoff on Wednesday afternoon, at the ISC East registration!

Over 130 distinguished guests representing National, State and Local Governments, and Industry Leading Corporate Firms, gathered from across North America, Europe and the Middle East to be honored among their peers in their respective fields which included:


  • The Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service (FPS)
  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • The Department of Homeland Security
  • The Department of Justice
  • The Security Exchange Commission Office of Personnel Management
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Viasat, Hanwha Techwin, Lenel, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, Verint, Canon U.S.A., BriefCam, Pivot3, Milestone Systems, Allied Universal, Ameristar Perimeter Security and More!

The Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards is the preeminent U.S. Homeland Security Awards Program highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions coming onto the market today, to ensure our readers have the information they need to stay ahead of the competition, and keep our Nation safe – one facility, street, and city at a time.

The 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program was Proudly Sponsored by ATI Systems, Attivo Networks, Automatic Systems, Desktop Alert, and Royal Holdings Technologies.

‘ASTORS’ Champions Edition – ‘Year in Review’

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Why the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program?

American Security Today’s comprehensive Annual Homeland Security Awards Program is organized to recognize the most distinguished vendors of physical, IT, port security, law enforcement, and first responders, in acknowledgment of their outstanding efforts to ‘Keep our Nation Secure, One City at a Time.’

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