HID Selected for World’s Largest Employee Smart Card Deploy (Video)

Thanks to HID Global, millions of government employees and contractors log onto their computers, access government networks and access buildings securely via the world’s largest deployment of smart cards and usage of desktop authentication software.

Hacking of government systems are better detected and blocked when technology provided by HID is deployed, including HID’s regulatory-compliant, credential management system (CMS), which is proven to reduce the number of successful penetrations of government networks significantly.

A government customer in the Western Hemisphere currently has 3.5 million active smart cards for government employees and contractors.

(See how HID PIV Enterprise and Express solutions delivers an integrated authentication solution for standards-compliant identity and credential management. Courtesy of HID Global and YouTube)

Not only is this government deployment of smart cards the largest installation of integrated physical and digital identity technologies, but the deployment also relies on HID’s ActivID authentication software and card management system for digital identities.

HID Global has eliminated the risk of using username and password to log onto computers and networks, has sustained a highly secure process for issuing credentials (badges) with the highest quality FARGO printers, and has proven that crypto-login is the most secure way to create, manage and use identities in both the physical and cyber worlds.

Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director of the IAM Solutions business with HID Global
Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director of the IAM Solutions business with HID Global

“Governments trust HID Global for identity management and authentication, while HID adds trust to accessing government resources when knowing the exact identity of each person on the network or in the building is essential,” said Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director of the IAM Solutions business with HID Global.

“HID’s reputation with government customers is just as much about a card management system, user authentication software and services as it is about cards and readers.  HID supports more use cases for trusted electronic transactions and provides a wider range of trusted identity technologies than anyone else.”

HID’s decades-long presence in many governments’ identity and access management (IAM) systems, its track record of compliance with government regulations around the world and its integrated solutions to protect government resources – physical, digital and otherwise – have made HID Global a top choice for security-conscious customers.

In addition, HID’s services help customers reduce risk.

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