Hikvision Helps to Secure Iconic Holocaust Memorial (Multi-Video)

A security system provided by Hikvision, is helping to increase security at the iconic Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, Florida.

Founded 27 years ago by a group of Holocaust survivors, the children of survivors and community leaders, the Memorial is sited on two acres and features a series of open-air rooms.

Volunteers, including Holocaust survivors, lead tours of the Memorial’s exhibits and participate in other educational programs open to the public.

(See the Memorial, and learn more. Courtesy of the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach and YouTube)

The Memorial hosts more than 130,000 visitors every year, including thousands of schoolchildren and people from around the world. Professionals and volunteers work to educate visitors about the time before and during the Holocaust.

Brenda Moxley, director of community security for the Greater Miami Jewish Federation
Brenda Moxley, director of community security for the Greater Miami Jewish Federation

The Memorial also provides a place for people to reflect and explore how they feel about what they are seeing, to think about their role as citizens and their relationship with other people, and to discuss anti-Semitism and intolerance.

Security is challenging in any open-air venue, and the Memorial’s previous analog security system was ”extremely outdated,” according to Brenda Moxley, director of community security for the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

Moxley is the retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Miami Division, whose background includes counter-terrorism.

Hired by Federation to provide security consultation to 120 Jewish organizations in the Miami-Dade area, Moxley is working to improve critical security infrastructure, crisis management and education.

The Hikvision security camera system will provide much needed security improvements at the memorial and enable Moxley to implement a coordinated and integrated security plan.

(The heart of Hikvision’s mission is an unwavering focus on developing great partnerships. We want you to know that partnering with Hikvision means partnering with all that we have to offer. Courtesy of Hikvision and YouTube)

Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA, and Hikvision Canada
Jeffrey He, President of Hikvision USA, and Hikvision Canada

Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA Inc., and Hikvision Canada Inc., said Hikvision is pleased to work with Moxley and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

He noted that China has an important historic connection with the Jewish people.

“Shanghai, a city one hour away from Hikvision headquarters in Hangzhou, China provided a safe haven for Jewish refugees during the Holocaust,” He said.

More than 25,000 Jews came to Shanghai between the years 1937 and 1941.

“Safeguarding people and protecting property is why Hikvision is in the security business,” He added.

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