Hope for Heroes Receives Major Gift Donation for PTSD (Video)

Founder and President of Hope For Heroes (HFH) Mitch Serlin received an unexpected $50,000 check from Potentis Capital CEO & Managing Member Matt Herfield at the Seventh Annual HFH Game Dinner event last month.

The amount equals what the nonprofit was seeking to obtain on GoFundMe as Phase One of its capital campaign to raise funds to build an additional facility in Hudson Valley, New York; total goal is $5.8 million.

This new location will help the nonprofit significantly increase the number of heroes they can help every year.

These are service men and women who have experienced life-altering disabilities while in the line of duty, often resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

(Learn how the nonprofit organization empowers independence for our nation’s disabled military veterans, police, firemen, and EMS professionals. Courtesy of Hope For Heroes (HFH) and YouTube) 

Matt Herfield, CEO & Managing Member of Potentis Capital
Matt Herfield, CEO & Managing Member of Potentis Capital

“We are beyond thrilled by this very generous gift from Potentis Capital.”

“They have always been a strong supporter of HFH; we already have a long-standing partnership with its portfolio company USA Medical Card, a leading provider of free pharmacy discount cards,” said Mitch.

“We’re grateful for Matt’s commitment to addressing social issues such as our disabled heroes suffering from PTSD and other ailments.”

“I am happy that I can help make an impact in helping heal our nation’s heroes.  They deserve the best after all they have sacrificed to protect and serve us—my companies are committed to helping them lead healthy, active lives again,” said Matt.

Mitch Serlin, Founder and President of Hope For Heroes (HFH)
Mitch Serlin, Founder and President of Hope For Heroes (HFH)

Hope for Heroes is a certified 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that combines a deep love and passion for outdoor activities with emotional and spiritual healing for military, fire, police, and EMS personnel who suffer from PTSD.

HFH was founded in 2010 by retired Westchester County K9 Police Officer and U.S. Army 101st Airborne Scout Sniper, Mitch Serlin.

After a personal battle with PTSD, Mitch committed his life to helping fellow officers who felt their lives were cut short and feared never being able to return to doing things they loved.