Hotz Joins National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (See Video)

John R. Hotz, a 30 year marine industry veteran has accepted the position as its Assistant Director, at the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA).

The NMLEA and its International Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (IMLEA), provides education, consulting services, resources and training for law enforcement officers, public safety professionals, military members, ports and waterside critical infrastructure personnel.

Adm Siler
Owen Wesley Siler was a US Coast Guard admiral who served as the fifteenth Commandant of the US Coast Guard from 1974 to 1978.

Following the vision and leadership of Admiral Owen Siler, a former U.S. Coast Guard Commandant, the NMLEA was established in 2000 to fill a capabilities gap that continues to effect law enforcement and emergency response operations on the water all across America.

“We’re a non- profit organization dedicated to providing the maritime law enforcement community ‘Strength through Knowledge,’” said Rob Wells, the Chairman of the NMLEA Board of Directors.

“And the IMLEA was formed in 2012 to meet the growing needs of our international law enforcement, coast guard, and military partners,” he added.

(Learn About Maritime Training Challenges: Adjusting to Incoming and Outgoing TIDES. Courtesy of NMLEA and YouTube)

“John has spent his entire career as a steadfast consumer advocate while serving as a consultant and in executive management with many of the iconic companies that service our first responder needs such as SAFE Boats International, Boston Whaler, Donzi Marine, and First Watch Safety Gear,” said Wells.

“John understands the unique challenges facing agencies and industry alike and will provide a tremendous service to our members and this entire community.”

“His visionary leadership style will bolster our ability to provide enhanced resources designed to “Ready the Guardians” who patrol, protect and preserve America’s waterways.”

“This is an amazing honor to join the leadership staff of the NMLEA, and allows me the opportunity to serve my country, and contribute to its maritime safety and security,” said John Hotz.

“We are in exciting yet very challenging times. All aspects of our country’s resources are being stretched, while on-the-water responsibilities increase.

“The NMLEA offers an extremely valuable service which bridges the significant communication gap between operators, industry and government.”

“My goal, and the goal of the Academy, is to ultimately provide cost effective solutions to agencies and companies alike.”

“I am excited and committed to designing individually customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each agency, officer and company that serves this vital maritime public safety community.”

The NMLEA is a not for profit corporation with offices in Washington, DC and Tallahassee, Florida.


Through a catalog of exportable tactical, rescue, and operational courses, an online PortTraining Program, various port vulnerability and risk assessments, exercises, and security consultation, the Academy staff has provided over 15,000 officers and maritime professionals with tools that help to enhance the safety and security of America’s waterways.

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