HySecurity Competes in AST Homeland Security Awards (Videos)

HydraWedge SM50
2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Winner, Hysecurity's HydraWedge SM50, was also recognized as 2016 ISC-West New Product Showcase Category

HydraWedge SM50, a next generation, crash-tested anti-terrorist wedge, defends high security sites worldwide with proven reliability and unparalleled performance.

This high-cycle, shallow mount vehicle wedge barrier boasts the toughest domestic and international Crash Certifications. HydraWedge SM50 provides high performance and uninterrupted security at a fraction of competitive system installation and maintenance expense.

Combined with HyNet, it’s a formidable access control point security-breach detection system that informs security responders of potential and actual ACP perimeter breach conditions, providing them with the necessary intel to respond appropriate to the level of threat.

(HydraWedge SM50 Crash Test: IWA-14-1 & PAS68, the toughest International Crash Tests. Courtesy of HySecurity and YouTube)

The perimeters of High Security sites are the first line of defense against dangerous and potentially devastating intrusion. The Department of Homeland sets guidelines for critical infrastructure and key asset perimeter security upgrades, including aviation, petrochemical, utilities, the electrical grid and many others.

This oversight continues to spawn perimeter security hardening through the addition of perimeter-breach detection systems and crash tested gates, bollards, barrier arms, wedges and fence lines.

HydraWedge SM50 (Shallow Mount, M50 crash tested) hardens ACPs against a 50,000 lb. truck racing at 50 mph with an explosive payload. It passed three crash tests with zero penetration including domestic ASTM F2656, international IWA, and PAS 68. No other anti-terrorist crash product has passed all three tests.

HySecurity-insert-2But HydraWedge SM50, like all HySecurity crash and high security gate operators, not only stops intruding vehicles, it detects potential and actual ACP breach conditions and alerts security responders in real time, before or during a security breach. No other crash product integrates this powerfully with an enterprise security platform.

Additionally, HydraWedge SM50 is high engineered. It can be installed in two days. It’s shallow mount with a 12″ foundation, only 9 inches of which is reinforced concrete. It will effortlessly cycle thousands of times per day without fail, turning it into a traffic control AND anti-terrorist vehicle barrier. Almost no wedges will suffer this kind of high cycle and are relegated to security actuation using EFO.

This is a very reliable machine. It’s hydraulics and controls are installed at hundreds of thousands of high security sites in HySecurity hydraulic slide, swing, vertical lift and barrier arm operators. These lead the industry in low maintenance, long life. HydraWedge SM50 hydraulics and controls come with an unmatched 5 year warranty, and much more.

(HySecurity HydraWedge SM50 Domestic and International Crash Tests. Medium size truck traveling 50 MPH. ASTM M50 crash test. Courtesy of HySecurity and YouTube)

The HydraWedge SM50 features:

  • High cycle – fast throughput Manage traffic AND maintain high security. HydraWedge cycles thousands of times per day, 3-sec open or close; 1 sec EFO.
  • Site-sensitive configuration Highly programmable, solid-state electronics put site-sensitive configuration into the hands of security integrators.
  • Fast, two day installation 12 inch shallow mount, small footprint concrete foundation and minimal rebar reduces installation time and minimizes conflict with underground utilities.
  • Hundreds of cycles after AC power loss with UPS battery backed-up HydraWedge SM50 UPS. Maintain security after AC power loss.
  • Record (or monitor) security events Gate system and accessory status and alerts are recorded in non-volatile memory and/or reported in real time via Ethernet/fiber using optional web based HyNetTM Gateway.
  • 5-year warranty on hydraulics and electronics. Industry-exceeding warranty is your assurance of HySecurity’s high reliability, low maintenance, and long life.
Any secure facility with high traffic volume, high security or low maintenance requirements can be well served by these tough, reliable operators.
Any secure facility with high traffic volume, high security or low maintenance requirements can be well served by these tough, reliable operators.

Why Choose HySecurity

HySecurity gate operators, crash gates, barrier arms and wedge barrier arm operators provide unparalleled reliability, quality, total lifetime value, and field configurable functionality. These respected machines protect everything from terrorism targets to single family residences worldwide. If the site deserves the ultimate in security, performance, and reliability, HySecurity is always the operator of choice.

HySecurity was started in the 1960s using the same hydraulic technology common in the aircraft industry. Today our headquarters and manufacturing plant is located near Seattle, Washington. HySecurity is represented worldwide by a network of distributors that is second to none. Besides our dedicated sales team, we offer specificier support, making your job even easier.

All of our operator designs are tested for millions of cycles before release to the market. Slide, swing, traffic barrier, vertical lift, parking and crash operators all receive the same kind of rigorous testing. Security, reliability, low maintenance, flexible speed and overall toughness are our foremost criteria.

HySecurity logoHySecurity operators are used in a wide variety of capacities from High Security, industrial, correctional and border sites to commercial, parking and multi-family residential applications. HySecurity operators are chosen when quality and high duty cycles are required. Strength, reliability, and our industry-leading warranty make HySecurity operators the only choice for many designers.

Good luck to HySecurity on becoming a Winner of the 2016 American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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