IAP Research Brings Pioneering Expertise for EM Railgun (Video)

IAP Research, based in Dayton, Ohio, has been one of our key subcontractors for more than 10 years on the U.S. Navy-led development of an Electromagnetic (EM) Railgun.

Now, we are happy to welcome those talented employees to our BAE Systems.

The completed acquisition of IAP, brings to BAE Systems pioneering engineering and manufacturing expertise — and not just for the EM Railgun.

The Dayton team, part of our Weapons Systems business, has more than 35 years of specialized experience, focused on the development and production of electromagnetic launchers, power electronics, and advanced materials.

(Apr 8, 2014 – The U.S. Navy unveiled a new secret weapon that its developers call a rail gun. Its projectile can travel at seven times the speed of sound and could potentially change the way America fights wars. Courtesy of CBS This Morning and YouTube)

The addition of IAP also positions our company to pursue other business opportunities in advanced weapon systems.

Erwin Bieber, BAE Systems, President of Platforms & Services
Erwin Bieber, BAE Systems, President of Platforms & Services

“We look forward to leveraging our combined workforces and long-standing strategic partnership,” said Erwin Bieber, president of Platforms & Services.

For the EM Railgun, the acquisition will enhance our capabilities for the continued Engineering and Manufacturing Development of this fascinating technology, which uses high-power electromagnetic energy instead of explosive chemical propellants to launch projectiles farther and faster than any previous system.

When fully weaponized, the gun will deliver hypervelocity projectiles to support the U.S. Marines, ground forces, and ship defense.

And at full capability, if mounted on U.S. naval vessels, it will be able to fire a projectile 100 nautical miles at very high speeds — to include a launch velocity of up to Mach 7.5 and at Mach 5 when impacting a target.

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Overall, the IAP acquisition aligns with BAE Systems’ focus on investing in strategic growth markets, like advanced weapons.

As a company, our strategy includes the pursuit of growth both organically and through acquisitions.

And most importantly, by combining capabilities, we can continue to affordably bring innovative technology solutions to our customers.