IBM MobileFirst for iOS for a Better Travel Experience (Learn More, Video)

The Lufthansa Group is introducing a new mobile offering for employees, powered by MobileFirst for iOS to transform the airline’s ground operations and boost customer service.

With Manage Gates for iPhone, flight managers are equipped with up-to-date critical information to help ensure safe and on-time travel for Lufthansa passengers.

Travelers today expect the best of both worlds—the lowest fares and a first-rate flying experience.

(IBM MobileFirst for iOS Executive Mahmoud Naghshineh is driving innovation for the IBM and Apple Partnership. Courtesy of IBM Mobile and YouTube)

Airline carriers need to identify new strategies to differentiate their operations in the hyper-competitive market that has evolved in the digital world.

Mobility has become one of the most promising solutions for the aviation industry as it reinvents business models and operations.

Traditionally, Lufthansa flight managers had to login to multiple systems numerous times a day to access information about flight assignments.

Using Manage Gates, Lufthansa supervisors will now have access to relevant, real-time information at their fingertips, making them independent from a stationary workplace to interact and connect with passengers.

Mirco Bharpalania, Director Ground Operations IT, Lufthansa

Flight managers can react more promptly to specific challenging situations such as current booking and boarding status, baggage status, inbound flights, aircraft and crew rotation.

“The always-connected employee is managing a lot and has come to expect the same mobile tools used in personal life, as on the job,” said Mirco Bharpalania, Director Ground Operations IT, Lufthansa.

“With the help of IBM we are transforming where and how we can access information to accommodate our guests from anywhere inside the airport.”

Manage Gates is a digital business assistant designed specifically for flight managers, providing immediate access to all essential data of the airline’s assigned flights.

This means flight managers can better plan and monitor for flight changes and boarding processes so they can react quickly to changes and other incidents, creating a smoother flying experience for customers.

With its intuitive design, the app simplifies everyday tasks, resulting in efficient processes that allow flight managers to address customer needs more directly.

With IBM MobileFirst for iOS, Lufthansa is mobilizing its customer service, enabling operational efficiencies and providing a more personalized passenger experience.

Lufthansa began rolling out Manage Gates in February 2017 with full deployment to 290 Flight Managers to be completed by June 2017.

(Regardless of where you are in your mobile journey, the IBM MobileFirst Platform provides integrated, yet modular, services to build, integrate and scale great mobile apps. Courtesy of IBM Mobile and YouTube)

Dee Waddell, global managing director, IBM Travel & Transportation
Dee Waddell, global managing director, IBM Travel & Transportation

“Empowered, connected, mobile customers are demanding seamless experiences with timely information, services, choice and control over their travel in real-time,” said Dee Waddell, global managing director, IBM Travel & Transportation.

“Lufthansa’s Premium Airlines will now be better equipped to manage the complex volumes of data that is generated globally by flights to offer more customized offerings.”

The Lufthansa Group is the world’s biggest airline group in turnover terms, and is also the market leader in Europe’s airline sector.

Lufthansa GroupThe Group strives to be the “First Choice in Aviation” for its customers, employees, shareholders and partners. And safety, quality, reliability and innovation are the prime credentials and priorities of all its business activities.